best country to study mbbs for indian students

MBBS is one of the most obvious choices for higher studies to be pursued by any India medical student//aspirant. However in India, due to much more demand and competition for admission among the applicants, the procedure is neither very streamlined nor easy per say, therefore, most of the candidates choose to pursue their medical career from the various countries abroad. This article would help anyone in deciding which is the best country to study mbbs for indian students.

MBBS in the USA

The various colleges, universities and medical schools in the USA offer some very well-structured MBBS programmes keeping in track with the latest developments in the fields of both technology and medical sciences. Among the various medical degrees offered in the USA, some of them are MD and DO. The Indian students willing to pursue their medical career from the USA are, however, required to mandatorily appear in the MCAT exam conducted by MCI and must have a four-year bachelors degree in science or related domains as a prerequisite.

The duration of most medical courses in the USA is 4 years followed by a residency training in a specific domain of choice which can range anywhere between 3 to 7 years. At present, the application deadlines are different for both, the spring and fall admission seasons starting in June and lasting till mid-November.

MBBS in Russia

Over time, Russia has gained immense popularity among indian students by becoming one of the favorite destinations for the medical study abroad. The main reason for this could be attributed to its lower fee structure, good infrastructure and better level of education that is in accordance with the global standards. Education in Russia is subsidized by the Russian government as well which lowers the overall fees even further. However, there is no separate entrance examination to pursue MBBS in Russia, but, the students are expected to qualify the national 10+2 examination and obtain marks according to the MCI guidelines. There is, however, a mandatory screening exam conducted by MCI for applicants and therefore a NOC has to be obtained from the same establishment to become an eligible contender.

MBBS in Russia is a longer 6-year course with the first 3 years crafted for an understanding of the human biology, pathology, clinical diagnosis, pharmacology, etc. The curriculum of the last 3 years involves a series of clinical clerkships in various fields of medicine and choosing of clinical electives to study. The last date for admissions in Russian institutions in their various MBBS courses is around mid-July every year.

MBBS in the UK

For MBBS in the UK, due to the highly competitive admission procedure and great establishments, every year it tends to accept thousands of international students in its various medical schools. However, in order to be eligible to be accepted for a course in the medical sciences, an applicant is required to obtain AAA grades with either chemistry or biology as a said prerequisite. The international students willing to pursue their medical career are required to obtain a minimum of 7.0 score in the IELTS exam.

The duration of the study in UK’s MBBS courses ranges from 4 to 6 years. On completion of 2 years of study as an undergraduate, the students are required to undergo an optional foundational training of 2 years. A specialty training has to be undertaken after the completion of 4 years of study in a domain of choice, which could last up to 7 years. Moreover, there is a strict deadline for sending applications by mid-October each year for the starting the admission procedure the following year by September.

MBBS in Canada

There is a very intense and ambitious admission procedure for entry into medical sciences in the Canadain Peninsula. Majority of the medical schools in Canada enroll only those students who have completed a biological sciences degree except in Quebec which only accepts those students who have completed their 10+2 (high-school) exam and one year of a diploma. An MBBS student in Canada is called by MD. The international applicants are required to undertake the MCAT exam (just like in the US).

The medical courses in Canada range from 3 to 5-year programmes varying according to the universities and medical background of each student. Those with a bachelor degree in the appropriate field are eligible for the 4-year programme offered while the others have to opt for the 5-year programmes. The deadline for applications for medical studies in Canada is around June 30 every year.

So, finally, which is the best country to study mbbs for indian students?

Considering all the arguments made in the above text, we think that the best country to study mbbs for indian students is Kyrgyzstan, regardless of all the countries described above and we have a good reason to believe so. It offers one of the most potent lists of colleges and requires the least amount of documents for application. We greatly recommend you to read our blog periodically to learn more about.

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