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These days all the aspirants of MBBS in India or MBBS abroad are in rush to know the best medical school. But the main issue is that they won’t be able to know how they could be able to decide which one fits best medical schools for them and what are the criteria on which they judge the best medical schools. One of the ways is that they can go with the best medical school rankings and another way to choose a best medical school is one can go with the reviews of the medical student or can go with the reviews on the neet official website and medical of India(MCI).

Why one need to know best medical schools for them before taking admission in any MBBS college?

The main issue is that there are some of the MBBS colleges in India and also colleges for MBBS abroad where they got the license for running medical institution by using their power and somewhere using their money but they are really not a good college because they can’t even fulfil the demand of the required MBBS faculties. Some medical college is rich in facilities but they don’t have enough patients for the for the practice of the medical student. That’s why that one really needs to take care when he/she is going for an MBBS in India or MBBS abroad that he will choose one of the best medical schools that best fit to them.


Where to get the genuine medical school rankings and articles on that to compare best medical schools?

There are lots of websites which provides you with the medical school rankings but you can’t decide which one is genuine which one is not. So, here I am providing you with some links where you can find the article on medical college, medical schools rankings, CBSE neet and medical council of India. You can find the link below:

Here we are providing you one of the best medical school rankings provided by U.S News in 2017:

best medical schools
Credits: U.S. News and World Report

What are the things one need to take care if one is going for MBBS abroad?


The first thing is that he needs to be well researched about the medical colleges and consult with some person of the person in that country to actually know about that college and if one doesn’t have any contacts in the country for the desired colleges then he needs to consult with some of the best MBBS consultants. So we are here to resolve all the issues regarding admission for MBBS abroad.


Why Career Growth for MBBS Abroad?


We are providing you all the facilities from knowledge of best college to the accommodation in that country. We are here with one of the best MBBS consultants, we can sort out all your queries regarding MBBS abroad.

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