CBSE exam paper leak leads to Re-exam ( re-conduct)

CBSE has made a mockery of board exams by reconducting maths and economics exam for class 10 and 12 respectively. Maths and economics are the pillars. Students prepare throughout the year so that they can do well in these subjects. Maths and Economics are most stressful subject as well. What if you get to give those exams again? That again becomes a burden for the students . Not only for students ,but also for parents who expect their children to score well . This might lower their percentage . But on the other hand, this decision in a way is fair for students who had given the exams with their hardwork.Allowing cheaters to benefit is unfair. CBSE exam reconduct is a justified but hasty decision. the CBSE conducts 24 exams anually for 120 million students.

What CBSE should have done instead of reconducting exams?

Instead of conducting re exam for everyone ,CBSE should find out the place where the paper was leaked and before how many hours .Re exam should be conducted at those centers only. The investigating agency should also find out the culprits in the CBSE department and punish them. This might take a longer time but it is a fair option . Conducting re exam for everyone is an easy but unfair choice. This year 1638428 students registered for class 10 and 1136806 for class 12.

CBSE exam reconduct

According to the FIR CBSE chairman received an  email at 1:39 am containing 12 images of handwritten paper of maths, and the sender claimed that paper was leaked on whatsapp. 11 school children,7 college students,5 tutors and 2 private persons are questioned till now.

The other case is the board received information through fax. It alleged a tutor of Rajender Nagar and also named 2 scools there. Since then the investigation is going on.

What are the dates for re exam?

Economics board exam for class 12 is on April 25 as per decided by the CBSE. But, the dates for Maths exam for Class 10 are still not announced. There is a chance that maths exam will be conducted only for students of Delhi and Haryana. Most probably maths exam will be conducted after april 4.

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