College Education

College Education

What is College Education?

College Education is the final stage of formal learning. It comes after the completion of secondary education. Universities and Colleges offer this stage of education. It decides the career path of an individual. To pursue higher education, there are various qualifications to choose from –

Diploma (A certificate of completion of a course given by an educational establishment)

Bachelor degree (An undergraduate academic degree awarded by educational institutes to an individual after the completion of a 3 to 7 years course)

Foundation degree (Refers to work-focused academic cum industrial qualification)

Post-graduate degree (Refers to higher education in a particular field of interest after graduation)

Why is College Education important?

College Education ensures overall development of an individual’s personality and practical skill base which is necessary to get employed. Every industry offers higher salary packages to degree holders as compared to non-degree holders. A college is a place where an individual gets an opportunity to explore itself and interact with people from different background and ethnicity. An individual can enroll in different courses as per his/her interest.

Medical (Courses like MBBS, BDS, BHMS, BAMS, MD etc.)

Engineering (Courses like B-Tech and M-Tech in Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering etc.)

Arts and Humanities (Courses like BA, BMS, BSc, BMM etc.)

Management (Courses like BA, BBA, BBA + DBA, BHM, MBA etc.)

Is College Education affordable?

College is becoming less affordable because of the unjust fee structure of Medical and Engineering courses these days. In developed countries like the US, tuition fees are as high as $22,500 per year for public and private colleges. But there are ways to tackle this problem –

Early Savings and Investments (Because no one has an infinite amount of money to put away in a college degree)

Scholarship programmes (Divided on the basis of Grades, Major, Achievements and some are test-based). While looking for a scholarship one must avoid aid scams.

Nowadays a new idea of a free college education is also emerging. Which proposes that free education will not only help individuals but will also help societies. Because of increase in skilled individuals, more value will be added to the society.

Is college for everyone?

As per workforce data of 2018, only 2 in every 10 job vacancies requires a full four-year degree. For rest of the 8, only a two-year degree or some type of technical course certificate will do good. This raises questions like Is college for everyone or Is college really necessary. There are benefits of a college degree such as higher salary packages or better designations but for someone who is more interested in working rather than learning theory, a two-year course will do good.

How important is a Medical education in college?

Medical education or the education which involves training and practice to become a medical professional is important because it helps a nation stay healthy. Medical education in college is important because it takes time as well as practice to become enough able to treat a sick or dying person. Because of an increase in advancements in health-related technologies, a 4 to 5 years dedicated education course is imperative for any individual who wants to pursue his/her career as a medical professional.

Because of a number of good universities and colleges around the globe, in today’s time, there are a lot of opportunities for any student. Here we at Career growth also try to help every individual to achieve his or her dream career.

College Education

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