Direct admission in MBBS in India without donation

Direct admission in MBBS in India without donation

direct admission in MBBS in India without donation

In order to get direct admission in MBBS in India without donation, one way is to get admission through management quota. As per MCI 15% seats are reserved for management quota in medical colleges. Though colleges demand donations during counseling. But if the academic performance of the student is good and has got a decent rank in any entrance test like NEET or AIIMS. Then the donation can be very less to absolutely zero.

What are the ways to get MBBS admission without donation?

The best way to get admission in good MBBS colleges without donation is through clearing entrance exams. The following is a list of entrance exams one can take to get MBBS admission –

AIIMS Entrance Exam – AIIMS provides the best medical education in India. It has an acceptance of only 0.6%. It is difficult to get admission in AIIMS. But many colleges take admission on the basis of AIIMS entrance exams marks.

NEET Entrance Exam – National Eligibility and Entrance Test or NEET for short. It is an important entrance exam for students all over India.

JIPMER Entrance Exam – JIMPER university is one of the finest in India in providing medical education. JIMPER is short for Jawaharlal Institute Postgraduate Medical Education & Research.

NEWS regarding admission in MBBS

  • Behind the promise of merit-based admission is a black market of donation. This statement was stated in an article written in the Times of India. Out of a total of 422 medical colleges in India. 244 or 53% of all of them are private. Here a single seat may cost from ₹10 lakh to ₹1 crore. This is the situation of medical education in India today.
  • Medical colleges are now in increasing demands. Even more than before. And because of this according to an article published in the Hindu, the donation asked for NRI and Management quota are now increased by 40%. Randing from ₹99 lakhs to ₹1.88 crore.

Where to seek help for MBBS admissions without donation?

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