Direct Admission in MBBS

Nowadays, as well as back in the past, Doctor are and were considered and looked up as a respectable person in our society and is one of the honored profession. A lot of students fail to make it to their dream of becoming a doctor because of the admission in MBBS. Especially, in India doctor are considered next to Gods.In India, there are a lot of educational Consultancies which provide direct admission in MBBS in Medical Colleges through management quota. But stop for a while and think, a person who is paying to score a medical degree without doing any kind of hard work what kind of doctor he is going to be in future?

There are two ways of admission for MBBS in India:-

  • One way is through NEET exam 
  • The other way is a direct admission in MBBS.

The direct admission in MBBS is through the management quota which is getting much more valid and in fashion. For direct admission in MBBS, the first and foremost requirement is money.One should hold a handsome amount of money for direct admission in MBBS. Apart from this, if we talk about NEET exam, a lot of student end with low NEET exam score and are not able to get into merit list of any top medical colleges in India (except JIPMER and AIIMS) and for the direct admission in MBBS is also not an option. In both the ways i.e. NEET and direct admission in MBBS, neither the academic changes nor the college.

Going for direct admission in MBBS is a cake walk for students who can afford it.But going through NEET exam is equally opposite as in case of direct admission in MBBS. In this particular case, one has to prepare for the exam, should be eligible for this exam whose rules and criteria are set by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE).For further details regarding NEET exam click here.


We, the Career Growth give student a third chance of getting their dream of becoming a doctor in an affordable budget unlike the requirement in direct admission in MBBS in India. Our way is also a direct admission in MBBS but without any donation.We help students back in India, who just simply drop the idea of MBBS due to many reasons like not good enough NEET score to get into merit list of top medical colleges or money (a big factor for most). They rather go BDS course or any random course from Delhi University.

Career growth is helping students for admissions in Abroad for MBBS for countries such as ChinaPhilippines, and Georgia. Career growth is one stop shop which helps in services such as University selection, Genuine Counselling, Application, visa and after visa services.

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