disadvantages of mbbs in philippines

Students from India favor studying MBBS in Abroad than in Indian medical institutes due to several factors. One such most selected country by the Indian scholars in the Philippines. But it does have few major disadvantages of mbbs in Philippines

what are the disadvantages of mbbs in Philippines?

  • The 1st disadvantage I could think of is that you’ll be away from home so you’ll get homesick.disadvantages of mbbs in philippines
  • One could find frequent rainfalls in the country and that increase the chances of getting sick often.
  • The climatic factors are similar except for the rains. Also, the stay will be tougher for students who prefer vegetarian food.
  • Some college will be providing both types of food for the students.
  • The significant disadvantages of mbbs in Philippines is that a freshman can’t get immediately into MD agenda which numerous of the counsellor says.
  • You have to do a 20-month course of BSBS and then pass an exam called NMAT.
  • After NMAT based on your score you can get admitted for MD programs.
  • The seats in MD is limited so if 200 students take admission in BSBS all can’t get in MD program.
  • So before applying to any college trough consultant. please speak to the previous student.
  • The program is just a 4-year actual program which keeps the student in a constant stress and I believe its pretty impossible to discuss the depth of the intricacies of medical studies in such a short span
  • Poor socio-Economic conditions
  • No history of being a country known for its healthcare facilities
  • Poor patient exposure- Most of the colleges have tie-ups with one or two hospitals only as they are private or autonomous. The students end up having very poor patient exposure
  • No developed city except Manila
  • the huge number of distractions because of ultra modern lifestyle.
  • Poor safety as the crime rate is very high

What is the latest news?

According to the Indian Express on 18th may 2018

With NEET UG results just some days apart, the abroad educational bureaus are stretching up with engaging study packages for making MBBS in China, Sweden, Norway. However, specialists are urging the students to be careful of fraudsters.

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