disadvantages of private medical colleges

Disadvantages of private medical colleges

There are some disadvantages of private medical colleges other than fees;

disadvantages of private medical colleges

  • Inexperienced faculty;

in the utmost of the private universities of India, the staff are feeble. Usually, they are the bachelors of the really own private institute educating pupils on medicine. We can count private medical institute which has unquestionably outstanding staff.

  • Poor infrastructure;

The unfortunate truth which most do not admit is that: few of the private institutes do not have the basic infrastructure to manage day to day working of the institute. There are colleges without a cadaver and have seen a private institute without an aggregate wall for its college.

  • Location;

Usually, private colleges are located in rural regions, as it enables the masters to grow according to their future conditions. Such colleges make a deprived patients inflow and the driving time between the college to the neighbouring town also makes it a tiresome job.

  • Fewer Patients;

In few private colleges, there thoroughly outstanding faculty and doctors in its clinics, but it all will be assumed in the same department. For example, a private medical college may have a renowned Cardiac Surgeon and nearly all the patients are of failure of the heart which causes the pupils do not pick from an extensive range of possibilities. In case of a government college, you can see patients of several diseases and problems.

-Patient load:

This one is the biggest disadvantage. The more patients you see, the better doctor you grow. Patient load is usually lower in private colleges.


There is an extraordinary discrepancy between the culture of private & govt medical institutes. As utmost of the people in private medical college would be wealthy. The culture will be distinctive from govt medical COLLEGE


Of course, one will be more fascinated by “govt med college” in CV preferably than some’not-so-famous’ “private institute”

That is notable much the chief disadvantages I feel

What is the latest news?

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The court was informed that 1% quota presented for sportspersons and children/grandchildren of Sikh riot-affected personalities have not been involved in the government quota places nor in management quota.

PUNJAB Updated: Jul 04, 2018 09:27 IST

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