disadvantages of studying mbbs in china

Generally, the Indian pupils go to study MBBS in China only if a person does not perceive their admittance in Indian medical institutes or private medical institutes in India. However, the Chinese institutes have noticeable perks and some disadvantages of studying mbbs in China.

what are the Disadvantages of Studying MBBS in China?

  • The learners require to learn Chinese literature as a supplementary topic.disadvantages of studying mbbs in china
  • Up to HSK-4 level to ensure interaction with the patients in the hospital.
  • China has more than 35% of the universities in MCI approved list.
  • Which are ‘C’ grade and offer very low-quality education and experience.
  • English speaking capability is worse which makes it difficult for the students to understand.
  •  english teaching faculties payment is more
  • FACULTIES accents are also not of good quality.
  • Training done on dummies.
  • Translators used widely because patients don’t speak English and also training doctors too.

What are non-listed Medical Universities in China?

Medical Colleges are acknowledged by the Government of China, each of them is NOT approved to train MBBS in English means.

In India, the chief constitutional assembly of MBBS is designated Medical Council of India (MCI) and in China, it is termed Ministry of Education of China (MOE). So every year MOE Official Team inspects all the Medical Universities in China to consider following facts:

  1. The Level of teaching MBBS or Clinical Medicine in English medium
  2. The infrastructure and the capabilities to accommodate international students to study MBBS.
  3. A well-versed laboratory and well-equipped hospital.

Medical Council of India (MCI) is based in India and they don’t inspect or authorize any Medical University in China. The Indian Embassy which is based in China also receives a list of recognized Medical Universities from MOE, where Indian students can study MBBS in China. The Medical Council of India (MCI) is notified with this list. They post on their official website.

So following the examination, each year, MOE approves some Medical Megaversity in China, who can allow foreign scholars to study MBBS in China in English means. This is the ONLY list of medical universities, where Indian scholars can learn MBBS. This year the schedule comprised 45 Medical Universities.

what are The problems of studying in a non-listed Medical University in China for Indian scholar?

  • MOE or MCI do not acknowledge the college, so you cannot present MCI Screening exam.
  • The literature of education will be Chinese for MBBS degree-course and it will be Chinese medicine syllabus.
  • not standardize the University’s infrastructure and the level of teaching
  • Their own country’s Medical Council, which is MOE chiefly does not recognize it.
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