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Why choose to study MBBS program in China?

Undoubtedly, studying MBBS in China is absolutely a right choice. The tuition fee for medical degree is much lower than any other countries, such as India, Pakistan, South Africa, Saudi Arab, UK, US and other European countries. Besides, the low admission requirement is also the key decisive factor for many students, because in your home country, applying for MBBS will be a very competitive and hard work. However, it is such a quite best value program that students will obtain the immersing English-medium learning environment, high-quality teaching stuff, safe living condition, and worldwide recognized medical degree.

What is the total duration for MBBS program including the internship?

The study duration for MBBS in China is varies from 5 years, 5.5 years to 6 years. It is different according to each university. However, the ONE year internship in hospital is compulsory for international students, whether in China or in other countries.

What is the teaching language of MBBS in China?

All the universities have their medium of instruction as English. However, Chinese Language Class is included in first year, to help the Students easily socialize and integrate with the local people. However, majority of the present younger generation Chinese people do understand and speak English. And Dalian Medical University offers both English medium and Japanese medium program.

What’s the prerequisite for China universities to offer English medium MBBS program?

A student must have 70% or above in all of the subjects in CBSE or State board exam.

How does the student pay his tuition & hostel fees?

The student has to pay the tuition and hostel fees to the university directly on a yearly basis. It can be either in cash, demand draft or wire transfer to the university account.

Are these degree recognized by MCI (Medical Council of India) or WHO (World Health Organization)?

Yes. All universities offering English medium MBBS program are recognized by MOE (China Ministry of Education), MCI (Medical Council of India), and WHO (World Health Organization). Students have the eligibility to take part in the MCI Screening Test after back to India.

Can I do the internship in my own country or any other countries?

Some universities allow students to do their internship outside of China, but they suggest students doing internship in China. However, if the student wants to do the internship in his/her own country or any other countries, in advance, he/she has to provide certain documents regarding the hospital where he/she will intern, and the university will evaluate the qualification. To some extent, the hospital should be approved by Ministry of Health in their home country.


Do I have to pass the HSK examination before doing internship in China?

It’s all depends. Some universities will require international students to pass the HSK examination before they go to the hospital, and some will arrange the Chinese medical students or interpreter to help international students as their Chinese tutor when doing internship.

Is there any HSK requirement before graduating?

No. There is no definite requirement for HSK level, but international students should have the basic communication skill in Chinese before their graduate.

If I do the internship outside of China, do I have to continue paying fees to the university?

Yes. You have to pay administration fees to cover the cost of keeping the student’s name on the school roll and the supervision by the Chinese teacher. Each university has its own requirements for the internship; the student must meet these requirements even if he/she does the internship outside of China. The Chinese teacher will continue to work with the student by contacting weekly or bi-weekly by email or telephone.

How long will it take to get my student visa?

After you receive the school admission letter, it will take 2-5 weeks to get your student visa.

Do China’s universities provide accommodation on campus?

Yes. Almost all the universities provide on campus accommodation for international students. You have the option to choose a single room, double room, or other type of room.

When are the vacations including summer or winter?

The vacations at China’s universities are usually during this time of year from mid-January to the middle or ending of February, and the summer holidays are from mid-July to usually end of August.

What should I prepare for going to study abroad in China?

  • Materials:Take your passport, visas, documents sent by university, related health certificates, tickets, ID, money, credit card, map, itinerary and other important documents needed during traveling.
  • Clothes:Check the climate of your destination, and then see what kind of clothes you require. Take leisurewear, waterproof and umbrella, toiletries and your personal items such as toothbrush, towel and so on.
  • Electronic products:Take a power convert and adapter plugs. China’s electrical system operates at 220 volts. Do not take too many electrical products which can be bought anywhere, hair dryers for example.