Georgia MBBS disadvantages

Georgia has come to light by it’s recent exposure to the influence of reports of the European  Union. It is very natural to consider an option to move for higher studies, especially medicine. Experts, however, suggest otherwise. Pursuant are advised to consider all the factors before making a decision. Know about Georgia MBBS disadvantages in the following article.

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What are the Georgia MBBS disadvantages?

  •  Tedious visa procedure:

Georgian infrastructure lays down a lengthy procedure to obtain a visa. The follow up procedure is tedious as well.

  • Misguided representation of the country:
  • Agents of various streams state Georgia as a part of the European Union. While Georgia is highly affected by the recent changes in the EU, it is in no way a part of it. Candidates should not expect a European visa in Georgia.
  • Barrier of language:

English as a language of practice and study often urges students to consider Georgia in medical studies. However, what the agents fail to portray is the long list of spoken languages. Currently, 28 countries comprise of the EU, each speaking a different language.

  • The absence of Indian embassy:

It may come as a surprise to many, but Georgia does not have an Indian embassy. The candidates face problems in fulfillment of various conditions laid down by the country because of absolute control of the Georgian authorities.

What are the drawbacks of studying MBBS in Georgia?

  • Fewer restrictions over capitation fee:

Unlike various countries recommend for higher medical studies, Georgia does not exercise strict regulations over the receipt of capitation fee.

  • Mandatory requirement of TOEFL or IELTS:

Unlike different countries in which TOEFL OR IELTS exams are not mandatory to have passed encouraging students to prefer to do MBBS in those countries, Georgia lays down no exception in the mandatory requirement of passing IELTS or TOEFL.


  • Mandatory screening of Medical Council of India:

The Medical Council of India conducts screening of students who have passed out from foreign countries in the field of medicine. The Medical Council of India, however, grants the exemption to students from five countries which are: the United States of America, The United kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Since Georgia is not a part of the exempted list, the candidates face a dilemma due to being subject to such screening conducted.

  • The rise of fake universities:

Georgia, unfortunately, suffers from the uncontrolled increase in a number of fake universities registered with little or no regulations and inadequate exercise of inspecting authorities.

  • Lack of proper educational facilities:

News channels have recently shown an unexpected red flag in the pursuance of medical studies. The primary reason being lack of conducting proper classes for students.


What is In the news?

Fifty-two students sent back from Georgian airport:

Of sixty-two students who landed in the Georgian airport, fifty-two students were denied access to the country. The reason being recent changes in conditions regarding D3 visa. Sushma Swaraj, the minister of external affairs has recently tweeted that the Indian embassy has already taken up this issue with Georgian authorities.

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