good countries for mbbs

Which are the Good countries for MBBS?

There are many good countries, providing mbbs course for other country students. But

China has become as one of the best countries for Indian medical students to study mbbs.

mbbs in abroad
good countries for MBBS
Why India?

Being an Indian; India should be the first priority for doing MBBS because of following reason:

  • The colleges will be MCI approved.
  • No need for clearing the screening exam to get a license to practice.
  • Need for adoption in a new environment when compared to other countries will be easier.

To get a seat in India is not that simple because of the limited seat availability either you have to be very intelligent or you should be economically sound.

There are total 53,455 mbbs government seat in India and student appearing are 6-7 lac; so to get a seat is not a cake walk.

This seat includes the quota system also which further degrade the general category student.

To get admission in private medical college demands 60-70 lac which for the common person is out of reach

Other than India student can go for studies abroad.
What about others country?
There are many good countries for MBBS other than INDIA:

Student have to decide wisely before taking admission for mbbs abroad

Quality of education
  1. The quality of education which is provided by US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada are undoubtedly the best.
  2. According to the surveyed student who has completed their studies from this countries are able to clear FMEG exam.
  3. But these have an extreme restriction for allowing other countries student to study medicine.
  4. other countries like China, Philippines, Ukraine, Russia also provide a good education.
  5. But reports say that student from here finds the screening exam difficult to clear.

Good countries for MBBS when viewed from economical point:

  • Low budget countries are as follow;
  1. China,
  2. Philippines
  3. Ukraine
  4. Russia
  5. Nepal
  6. Kyrgyzstan
  7. Poland
  8. Bangladesh
  9. Germany.

list of countries are given above but among them China is the most favorite destination for Indian student followed by Russia, Philippines, Nepal etc

    -There are 45 MCI approved medical institution
    -Cost : 10-15 lac

list of foreign medical college approved by MCI

  1. US,
  2. UK,
  3. Australia,
  4. New Zealand, and
  5. Canada

the overall cost in this countries reaches to 7-8 crores and to get admission is quite difficult in these countries.

 What is the latest news?

Source: Global Times 

So before taking your first step towards your career, my suggestion will think before taking your final decision.

for more detail watch our video to get a more clear idea regarding good countries for mbbs…

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