Government Medical colleges in India

Today, we are living in the era of knowledge explosion. The availability of healthy and also knowledgeable human resources. Have become the most crucial factors for the development of all the society. So much so health and also education has become the top priority items for all the countries in the world. In addition India with a second largest human capital. India cannot shy away from the responsibility of effectively utilizing the rich human capital available with it. So in order to maintain the ratio of the health and the people. We must have more and more medical colleges to produce quality doctors. Private medical colleges are not affordable for the middle class and low-class people. So government medical colleges in India must have enough seat to suffice the needs of the population.

government medical colleges in India
government medical college

 Why are Government medical colleges in India mandatory?

The reason behind that government medical colleges in India is mandatory is because not every student who dreams to become a doctor can study in private medical colleges so only the option which taken away is the government medical colleges other aspects are as follow

  • Who gives Fund to government medical colleges in India?

 the state government and also central government gives funds.

  • What is the Tuition fee?

In most government medical colleges in India, the fee to be credited from a student is determined after putting in mind the various quotas, reasons and limitations for different sectors of the society. Also, since the college is subsidized and operated by the government, most of the running cost for these colleges are paid by the government

  • How is the Quality of teaching?

faculty in a government medical colleges in India is generally very tough selection criteria. Only highly qualified teachers are selected and appointed.


What is the procedure for getting admission in government medical colleges in India?

Government Medical colleges in India
Government Medical colleges in India

What are the names of government medical colleges in India?

Government Medical colleges in India
Government Medical colleges in India

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What is the latest news regarding this topic?

by Hindustan times:

To suffice the critical deficiency of specialist doctors in India, all current medical colleges will have to commence PG courses from the 2020-21 academic year and current ones within three years of receiving acceptance to run UG courses.

In an attempt to improve seats, the ministry had modified the teacher-student ratio in government medical colleges in India in 2017, with the advantage now extending to private colleges also. The updated norms sanction one professor to have three students under him and one assistant professor to have two students, up from the 1:2 ratio for professors and their students, and 1:1 for associate professors.

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