Guangxi Medical University

Guangxi Medical University

Guangxi Medical UniversityWhich is the top university for medical study in China?

China is now greatly facilitating the development of its Hospitals and Medical universities. This is because of recent health care reforms and rapid economic development in China. Good health of every Chinese citizen is the top-most priority of the Chinese government. Therefore, to accomplish this goal, today every Chinese medical university is being equipped with the latest technology labs. As a result, this is a golden chance for any medical aspirant to pursue his/her medical career in China. And, none other than Guangxi Medical University should be the first choice to pursue higher education in medicine from China.

Why study at Guangxi Medical University?

It is a great university because according to 2015 report by China university ranking service, Guangxi Medical University is the top university in Guangxi and is among the top 25 China Medical universities. If this isn’t enough, then there are over 15,000 students and to assist them over 2,600 medical and teaching staff at the university. It provides great practical knowledge because there are –

5 Hospitals

A Clinical cooperation

A Pharmaceutical factory

9 Research institutes 

A TCM school

and 20 other hospitals all affiliated with the university.

It is one of the oldest higher education medical university in China. Founded in the year 1934. It still maintains quality education for not only Chinese students but for over 800 students and physicians from over 20 countries like the USA, Vietnam, Australia, France, Germany, Ireland, UK, Switzerland and many more. As a result, it maintains a good reputation all over the world.

What courses are offered at Guangxi Medical University?

Courses offered at the university are Bachelor, Masters, and Doctoral in various disciplines ranging from-


Preventive Medicine


Clinical Medicine

Public Affairs Management

Biomedical Engineering


Human Anatomy Embryology


Internal Medicine


Therefore, there are a variety of courses available to choose from. For more information visit this link.

Who are some famous alumni of Guangxi Medical University?

While the university offers great medical knowledge, some of its alumni preferred to choose a different career.

 Kamakshi Bhaskarla, who had recently adjudged Colors Femina Miss India Telangana 2018, did her graduation at Guangxi Medical University in Medicine. She previously had worked as an intern doctor there, in addition, she is also associated with various NGOs like Angel House, Make a Difference & Voice for Girls both in India as well as China.

What are the researches done at Guangxi Medical University?

A team of scientists and researchers from Guangxi Medical University, University of Texas, University of California and China Agricultural University, established after intense research a relation between the health of your skin and timings of eating.

The gene which controls aging of skin can be disrupted by eating at abnormal timings because it affects the DNA, the team concluded. Time-restricted feeding (TRF) is the name of the effect of this phenomenon, which affects a key DNA repair gene called XPA.

The team also concluded that besides increased aging the skin may also sustain more sun-induced damage during the day.

How to get admission at Guangxi Medical University?

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