Higher Education

Higher Education

Higher Education

What is Higher Education?

After a student completes Secondary Education. He or she has the option to opt for an optional final stage of formal education. Higher Education is the name of this optional stage. It involves teaching, research, social services etc. This education is made available at Universities, Institutes of Higher Education, Vocational Schools, Academies etc. Its types include Engineering, Medicine, Arts, Science etc. Students opt for various courses in their desired field of study.

Why is Higher Education important?

Higher Education is important because of the following reasons –

  • Higher Average earnings – A person with a college education earns 3 to 4 times more than the person with no college education.
  • Better opportunities – Better career options are available to choose from.
  • Improved Self-Esteem and Self Confidence.
  • Learn new skills – It also improves skill set.
  • Overall a happier and satisfactory life.

Latest news regarding Higher Education

– According to a report on 26th April 2018, Around 750 reputed institutes in India are going to promote rural internship from 2018. In order to make Unnat Bharat Abhiyan 2.0 a success, this initiative is made by the institutes like IIT Delhi. The government has not made it mandatory yet.

Kerela State Higher Education Council in April 2018 decided to conduct a higher education survey to have a better idea of the condition of the education system in the state. This exercise will be done in order to update existing policies regarding the education system.

– In order to improve education standard in India, engineering colleges from all over India approached AICTE to address this issue. The colleges proposed to reduce student intake by approximately 1.3 lakhs from the upcoming academic year (2018-19). Approaches like these will improve quality rather than the number.

– On 27th April 2018, in order to promote Higher education in Cambodia. World Bank approves 90 mln USD credit to support Cambodia.

Why choose medicine for Higher Education?

There are various reason for choosing ‘Medicine’ as a career option –

  • There are diverse career opportunities available in Medicine from BIOMEDICINE, NURSING, PHARMACY to NUTRITION, DENTISTRY etc.
  • An opportunity to directly help people. Aiding the healing process is a challenge as well as an opportunity to help reduce pain and suffering of sick people.
  • Medicine offers a stable and safe career option.
  • A great deal of research is required to be done in the field of Genetic Engineering, Drug formation, NeuroScience etc.
  • The society offers respect to doctors and encourages their responsibility and work ethics.

How to take Medicine for Higher Education?

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