how to apply for MBBS in Ukraine

To become Doctor is one of the highest goals science students have set. When it comes to medical education across the sea, apart from the Philippines, Ukraine is flourishing itself more and more nowadays. It is because it has a number of universities under Government which is providing MBBS and MD degrees. The capital city of Ukraine Kylv is huge and has got the highest amount of medical colleges. The universities are flourishing with great ambiance and much-experienced faculties. Apart from this, the education offered here is less expensive. More effective thing is that if the student completes his/her education here in 5.8 years which is the time period for MBBS, then he/she gets easily qualified for the further job in the country itself or outside anywhere around the globe. Know how to apply for MBBS in Ukraine.


 What to know about MBBS in Ukraine?.

  • To pursue MBBS, the entry is direct and no requirement of an entrance test.
  • All universities of Ukraine which provide medical education do not require any kind of eligibility tests like Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and The International English Language Testing System (IELTS).

how to apply for MBBS in Ukraine?

Criteria you need to follow for application:-


  • The age of student should be at least 17 years before filling the application form.
  • 10+2 education with last 2 years having Physics, Chemistry, and Biology as major subjects is compulsory
  • The applying students need to have at least 50% marks in 12th grade in all major subjects.

Why go for an MBBS in Ukraine?


  • All universities which are providing medical education are listed under World Health Organisations (WHO), United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and Medical Council of India and many other countries.
  • Moreover, the English have got preference as teaching language so that every student across the globe could adjust themselves in college
  • Apart from inexpensive study, accommodation here is also cheap compared to other countries. On the other hand, special traveling rates are provided to students making there traveling easy and less costly.
  • Ukraine government has given the maximum amount of facilities to the students.
  • Students getting an education here, could be part of different exchange programmes at international level, seminars, scientific projects, and researches.
  • As all Ukraine universities are recognized by Medical Council of India, students could easily practice in India after pursuing MBBS from Ukraine because the degree is valid all over India.


How is the living environment of Ukraine?


  • There is an assurance that there is no partiality for foreign students in Ukraine and it provides the best education to all medical students pursuing an education there.
  • Moreover, foreign delegates know the locals and their lifestyle so even they do not do any kind of partiality with the non-locals and provide the best accommodation to the students.
  • Ukraine treats all students equally. And the education which all medical colleges provide is equal to all students.


Studying MBBS in Ukraine can give new experience and international level opportunities to your child.


What is the Current News?

NEET application and 2018 NEET entrance for MBBS and BDS which held on 6th May.  ADHAAR card number is hence necessary according to the rules of CBSE.

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