How to see the quality standards of MBBS from abroad??

MBBS abroad from countries like China , Philippines, Russia , Georgia , ukraine etc mostly doesnt require to clear any entrance exam like NEET, but there are some parameters which you can see and judge a university from.

  1. No. of beds in the hospital: Some universities in abroad that accept students have hospitals with 6500 – 10000 beds for patients. which is more than any private medical university in India. Always ask the no. of beds in a hospital before applying there, more patients means more exposure.
  2. Regulation in seats : Some universities in abroad have limited seats in their hands and only several students can be admitted so once the seats are full you can only apply next year. So look out for those Universities as it represents quality
  3. Testing before admission: Some universities in abroad take their test before admission of the students Like NMAT in Phillipines , or written examination in Poland

Besides this there are some Universities where international students from UK, USA , EU and Australia studies. Please see the links below:

Look for universities with variety of international students as this also represents quality.

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