Importance of Education

Importance of Education

Importance of Education

What is Education?

Education is a process which includes acquiring knowledge, skills, values beliefs and habits. Education does not mean passing an exam. It means the overall development of a person. It is not related to getting good or bad grades in an examination. Since an examination is a process of testing knowledge. It does not qualify a person as educated or uneducated. A person could be well manned, highly skilled and may have low grades. The opposite is also true.

What is the Importance of Education?

Education is important because it provides us with the ability to change the world. Since it guides us through all parts of life. It is a lifelong process. We, humans, know its value. Therefore we start this process since the early childhood. For this, we have our education system. It is a well-organized system. Starting from kindergarten to Ph.D. After teaching basic principles of life. Students are given a chance to choose the type of education they want. This is where they shift from Primary education to Higher education.

Educational System

The above figure is of our Education System.

What happens in absence of Education?

Since education is a must for development. Not everyone thinks the same. According to a report by Tribune on  April 9, 2018. Literacy rate in Pakistan dropped from 60% to 58%. Which means that many children can’t even read and write. This resulted in evil outcomes like child labor, unawareness etc. Lack of education will result in poor life choices. There are good education policies in Pakistan. But because these policies are not implemented in a way they should be. Therefore resulting in poor education facilities in the country.

Many developed and developing countries have good education facilities. They consider it a basic human right. Countries like Germany that provides free of cost education are some good examples.

How to make Education more accessible to everyone?

Today there is no shortage of information. There are both online and offline options. Various sites like Coursera, EdX, Alison etc. provides courses online. The problem is neither availability nor accessibility. The problem is lack of awareness. People are not aware of the benefits of education. They don’t take care of Education Institutes. Education institutes are as important as Education itself.

On  April 04, 2018 the education minister of Manipur, India addressed this issue to the people. He said that people should be aware of the importance of education. Since it holds the solutions to all problems a society faces. He also paid a visit to various schools in the area. He himself inspected the infrastructure and maintenance of hostels, classrooms, washrooms etc.

Higher Education

After the completion of basic education. There are various options to pursue higher education. Medicine, Engineering, Research, and Development are some of them.

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