Importance of mbbs consultant in Visa application

MBBS consultant is a guide who helps you out with the initial stages of becoming a doctor. He takes you one step closer. Every year there are around 8 lakhs applicants of NEET but in 2017 it rose to 11.38 Lakhs applicants.The government will refund 50% of the fees as per education loan policies. This increase in number is due the emerging culture of coaching centers . MBBS as we all know is one of the toughest courses in India and abroad. All we need is a good guidance counselor because from registration itself ,the counselor guides you with everything .

Importance of mbbs consultant in Visa application

How MBBS counselor helps with registration?

The first step is to register yourself to appear for an entrance exam. But which exams to appear for? The guidance counselor helps you out with this very first step. For further details refer to Importance of MBBS guidance counselor in application.

What is next step after MBBS entrance result?

Based on the NEET score , you get to choose among the colleges you are eligible for. The colleges declare their counseling dates as per the schedule ,you can refer to this link  Importance of MBBS abroad consultant in counseling .The NEET admit card has been delayed.

MBBS in abroad is a widely practiced profession. Countries like china , phillipines offer a low cost MBBS as compared to Indian private colleges. The guidance counselor help you select the best universities abroad. From the registration process of admission in MBBS to helping out with VISA application, the guidance counselor helps you out with these things.

What if there is a problem in Visa application after admission?

The MBBS abroad counselor helps you with the process of Visa application. Gettin a visa is one of the major tasks for Indian nationals. But the guidance counselor help you with the application , guide you for interview and also the necessities like the financial status ,educational requirements. They also guide students who are not eligible for MBBS abroad because of any criteria. More than 10,000 students pursue MBBS  from abroad because in India there are limited number of seats and over 11 lakhs applicants.

Career growth is helping students for admissions in Abroad for MBBS for countries such as ChinaPhilippines, and Georgia. Career growth is one stop shop which helps in services such as University selection, Genuine Counselling, Application, visa and after visa services.

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