is mbbs abroad a good choice

Government is working in education sector from a long time and they have increased number of seats in private and Medical colleges both. So after this answering the question is mbbs abroad a good choice becomes difficult. Though the advantages of studying abroad and studying in India might help to figure out the answer is mbbs abroad a good choice. Every wealthy background student is able and aware as well of mbbs abroad. On the other side students are left unaware about a lot of facts related to question is mbbs abroad a good choice. India carry a lot of myths regarding is mbbs abroad is a good choice. There are lot of advertisement in newspaper regarding consultants like Career Growth who help students in getting a clear view of is mbbs abroad a good choice. Later in this blog we will discuss some good facts which might help making a smart and better decision whether or is mbbs abroad a good choice.

Is mbbs abroad a good choice in terms of money??

Yes, mbbs abroad is expensive no doubt but it also depends and should be compared with option you have opted or going to opt back in India. If student drop their idea of MBBS and go for diploma or any other courses back in Delhi university .Rather if these are the option opted by students then,its better to go abroad for MBSS where total mbbs expense for five years including living cost and Fees is only 20-30 lakhs which is pretty much affordable. Examples are MBBS in ChinaMBBS in GeorgiaMBBS in Philippines.

Is mbbs abroad a good choice in terms of Faculty and laboratory??

No doubt that abroad has labs which are fully equipped with modern instrument for treatment which one might not find in India.But the main requirement in mbss is clinical exposure which is available both in India and abroad as well. Student who are not able to make it to top medical colleges in India should definitely go for mbbs abroad.

There are lot of other facts as well regarding whether or is mbbs abroad a good choice. Above two questions  answers the most common myth Indians have and not let their child go for mbbs abroad. There is a test called FMGE which students see as a disadvantage of studying abroad to practice back in India. This is not at all an disadvantage as test comprises of question which you have studied through your entire five year course. for further help contact us. Below are the details. Also refer to previous blog for more details here.

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