Is MBBS from Georgia Valid in India?

MBBS from georgia

    Is MBBS from Georgia valid in India?

Is MBBS from Georgia valid in India?

Yes, MBBS from Georgia is valid in India. But, for that, we should have a need to Know about such things regarding that.

What is the latest news regarding Indian students to MBBS in Georgia?

Latest News April 11:

52 of 62 students deported from the East European nation, Georgia. Here, 52 of 62 students directed for studying MBBS in Georgia. they deported from the Tbilisi Airport. The MEA(Ministry of External affairs) is pursuing the matter with the Government of Georgian. Students and Parents have supposed that only 10 of 62 students were permitted to enter in Georgia. As per the Complaint to the MEA, 10 dark-skinned and short height students were selected and given the entry. while other will not be allowed to enter the country.

The complaint has supposed that other 52 students who were there, were further sent back to India. the parents of the students have submit a huge amount of tuition fees and they also said that it is very disrespecting to us. after several messages, Ministry of External affairs tweet that they were aware of this things.

Indian Embassy has taken this up of Georgian authorities. Students have also supposed that they were mistreated by Georgian authorities. The parents and guardians of students were angered and the students have also supposed that they were not allowed for the basic necessity of using washroom and drinking water. They complained to MEA  that their passport is also held back by flight attendants on the order of Georgian airport officials. they were take back their passports only after arriving in Delhi.

 Is MBBS from Georgia valid in India?

MBBS students who are Indian and who have finished their MBBS course in the European country  Georgia can get excellent career globally if they want to make a career in India they have to qualify in FMGE(Foreign Medical Graduates Examination) or MCI screening test.

In fact, The Indian government has passed one order that the MBBS student Who completed their MBBS out of India they have to qualify the exam Which is organized by National Board Of Examination(NBE) to retrieve permanent membership in Medical Council of India(MCI). The NBE organized this test twice in a year, In June And In December.

The students who are graduate of Georgia have detailed knowledge of their medical Education.

they also know that the importance of their medical education and the duty of doctors in Society.

the students who are Indian are now selecting for MBBS in Georgia and many other foreign countries like MBBS in China, MBBS in Russia and many other MCI approved universities for their practical medical Knowledge and their accurate application.

Now, what we have to do when we qualified FMGE Exam?

If you get a good score in FMGE exam or you can say MCI Screening test You become eligible to MS/MD/Diploma in India. They can study Diploma of National Board(DNB) to becoming a Specialist Doctor. they can also go for Combined Medical Services(CMS) for getting jobs in a Municipal corporation on the post of Medical Officers.

There are several Medical foundations in India Which Welcome the foreign Medical graduates who qualified MCI screening Test.

  • National Institute of Mental Health & Neuroscience(NIMHANS)
  • All India Institutes of Medical Sciences(AIIMS)
  • Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research(PGIMER)
  • Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai(TIFR), etc…

therefor, The Medical Graduates can do Masters in Medical Science and Technology(MMST). they can also do M.Tech in Biomedical Engineering or start their practices with health clinics. They can also do Master in Health Administration(MHA).

 Is MBBS from Georgia valid in India?

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