Jalalabad State Medical University

Jalalabad State Medical University

The Jalalabad State Medical University arose into continuation in 1993 i.e. just 1 year after Osh State Medical University was commenced. It is a civil foundation which renders higher education choice in several fields like medicine, energy, electronics, etc. The head campus of Jalalabad State University including the 3 principal departments must be remembered are resided in the Jalalabad city itself while the others are settled in the outskirts of the city in distinctive cities viz. Karakul, Tashkumyr & Kocharata.

What is the Department of Jalalabad State Medical University?

the faculties that are in operation are

  • medicine,
  • business,
  • pedagogical,
  • technical,
  • technological,
  • zoological,
  • veterinary,
  • electronics & also
  • mechanical faculty.

Jalalabad State Medical University


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Why study from Jalalabad state medical university?

Jalalabad State Medical University

How is the accommodation facilities in Jalalabad State Medical University?

The hostel includes lodging feeding and also laundry. International student usually Students hostel situated nearby the institute as it is a form of a budget accommodation with low price and an informal ambience.

Jalalabad State Medical University

Hostel facility : 

The university has the hostel on campus. Chiefly 2 – 3 person shares the room. Students must be remembered are not allowed to go out after 8 pm without permission.  the bed mattress blanket and also bed sheet with furniture are given to students in the hostel. The hostel is provided with Mess system. Students are fed on Indian food. Indian cooks are available. Indian spices and also contain Indian taste food.

What is the fee structure for Jalalabad State Medical University?

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What is the latest news regarding Jalalabad state medical university?

No separate test for foreign medical grads from next year

According to the Tribune Posted at May 14, 2018, 2:22 AM

Foreign graduates wishing to practise medicine in India would not need to go through the standalone Foreign Medical Graduates test in 2019.

The Ministry of Health is considering merging the FMG exam with the National Exit Test (NEXT) chiefly which has been proposed to assess the quality of the MBBS pass-outs in the final year of medical undergraduate course.

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