kyrgyzstan mbbs colleges

Kyrgyzstan is growing as the topmost target for Indian scholars to go and seek MBBS in Kyrgyz Universities. In last five years, the entire quantity of pupils CHIEFLY who go to Kyrgyzstan for medical studies has been increased. Students desire to go to Kyrgyzstan mbbs colleges for there higher education

Reasons to study MBBS in abroad

  • Low cost. (8 lakhs per year)- The cost spent is much lesser than in India.
  • No donation –markedly No initial donation charged for admission in any medical colleges abroad.
  • MCI Approved medical colleges – Almost all medical colleges are approved by MCI.
  • Good Education quality – Both American and British educational standards are available.

    kyrgyzstan mbbs colleges
    kyrgyzstan mbbs colleges
  • Exposure to the different culture – Most countries have western culture and also their education methods.
  • Develop skills and also knowledge – More practical knowledge and also hands-on training facilities.
  • Can get MBBS admissions easily – No Entrance exams in most countries.
  • Good facilities and also training – Advanced technological features.

Name Kyrgyzstan mbbs colleges?

list o MCI approved colleges are as follow:

Which are the top Kyrgyzstan mbbs colleges?

Top medical colleges in Kyrgyzstan

Asian medical Institute

International school of medicine

kyrgyz state medical academy

Jalalabad State Medical University

Medical colleges implementing MBBS graduation are acknowledged by WHO and also by the MCI. So, with this qualification in India, you can convene for the screening test that is expected to get a job in this field. The educational year for this program consists of couple terms, and also the courses commence in the month of September. The module of the program reflects the international criteria. The medium of instruction in this course is in English, which helps the international students to a great deal. Students with this degree can apply for employment test in European Union and the USA also.

Direct Admission in MBBS: Kyrgyzstan Universities accept direct admissions. The student doesn’t need to pass any entrance exam to get admission in MBBS in Kyrgyzstan. If students have 50% marks in PCB in 12th standard, they are allowed to do MBBS in Kyrgyzstan Universities.

What is the latest news?

According to Hindustan Times on 17 Feb 2018

Undergraduates attempting to go overseas, usually Russia, China or also Ukraine to study MBBS/BDS courses. Will henceforth have to pass in the NEET.

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