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India is vast in terms of every field from engineering to medical. But not all institutes provide same kind of education. It is important to choose the best educational institute .Nobody wishes to compromise on their career.But have you ever thought about any profession which gives a guaranteed success?It is medical profession. MBBS/BDS are two such courses which will give you guaranteed success and a secured future.It is one of the best you can do in your career . It takes an all time hardwork and dedication to pursue medical sciences.There is a List of Medical colleges you can go for while applying for MBBS or BDS.

List the Medical Colleges all across the world?

1.Harvard Medical College- It is the best medical college in the world.It also offers a financial aid program worth $160 million.

2.Medical Sciences Division,Oxford University-It is the hub of biomedical research.Over 18000 students enroll every year.

3.School of clinical medicine,Cambridge University- It is the oldest and largest medical college in United Kingdom.It is the most reputed Medical College.

4.Stanford University School Of Medicine,Stanford University-The greatest contribution to clinical research and therapies.

5.David Geffen School of Medicine,Los angeles- Known for renowned Ronald Reagan medical center.

6.John Hopkins University School Of Medicine.

7.Yale School of Medicine.

8.UCL medical school,London.

9.UCSF ,San Francisco.

10.Imperial Scool of Medicine

Not only US and UK provide education

Which other country has good Medical Colleges?

in medical sciences ,but also there are many other countries like China,Philipines which provide a well rounded education .Huazhong University is one of  the top medical college in China. Also,Capital Medical University,Dalian Medical University provide a quality education along with a well rounded curriculum.There are many countries other than these as well.India is also leading in terms of education .AIIMS,CMC,AFMC are best institutes that India has.Medical Colleges are hard to find which good both in terms of education and infrastructure.Foreign universities offer a great infrastructure with a practical curriculum. Also, they focus on personality development as well.They conduct workshops on several social causes and adolescent education. It is very hard to choose and opt for a college of your desired choice.A proper research is required.

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