MBBS college

MBBS college

MBBS college

What is MBBS?

MBBS is an abbreviation of a Latin term – Medicinae Baccalaureus, Baccalaureus Chirurgiae“. MBBS consists of two professional degrees in Medicine and Surgery, respectively. They are awarded upon graduation from medical schools. In practice, these two degrees are treated as one. Pursuing MBBS is the first step of any medical aspirant. Generally, the MBBS course lasts for 4 to 5 years. It requires both theoretical and practical experience to acquire this degree. An MBBS college is the starting of the journey of a future doctor. And this journey starts at an MBBS college.

How to pursue MBBS?

To pursue MBBS one needs to get admission in an MBBS college. There are various medical colleges offering MBBS courses around the world. There are generally two ways to get admission –

1- Direct Admission

2- Through Entrance Exam

“Direct Admissions” costs a lot and can prevent students from many benefits like scholarship, choice of course. Because many universities in the world provide direct admissions it can be considered as an option. Since direct admissions are costly, it is preferred to give “Entrance Exams”. The entrance exam depends upon the university as well as the country.

How to pursue MBBS in India?

There are many private and government medical institutes in India. A medical aspirant may give an entrance exam like “AIIMS Entrance Exam”,“NEET”,“JIPMER” etc. Direct admissions are also possible. But they will require high donations. There are around 460 medical colleges in India (recognized by MCI). Here is a list of these colleges. It is better to prepare for the entrance exams first. And if after that there is no option left. Then only go for direct admissions. In case of getting a chance of direct admission in some good college. Then also a medical aspirant can consider the option of direct admissions.

MBBS colleges in India and Abroad

Here is a list of world’s best MBBS colleges –

Latest news regarding MBBS colleges

10 applicants allowed to pursue MBBS by Supreme Court of India. After setting aside the orders of Kerela High Court. These applicants had successfully cleared NEET exam. Since they were not able to submit their online applications. As a result of some problem in the website. Previously, they were not allowed to pursue MBBS.

On 22nd April 2018, students of a private medical college at Bhopal protested. Their protest was against the abrupt fee hike. Because after spending 5 lakhs, the college was demanding even more fees. They demanded government intervention in this issue. The private medical college is based in Kolar area of Bhopal.

 Admission and Fee Regulatory Committee for Medical Education fixed a fee structure for session 2018-19. ₹5,60,000 per student for 2018-19 was the fee structure. Since the amount is huge. This decision is challenged in the Kerala High Court.

On 10th April 2018, Medical Council of India (MCI) made PG courses mandatory in all medical colleges by 2020. Since the number of Post graduation seats are less. So, to increase the number of seats MCI made this decision.

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