MBBS cost in NEPAL

The beautiful country Nepal is situated in between the Himalayas. Nepal is The land of ‘Mount Everest’, The land of ‘temple’. China, India, Bangladesh and Bhutan are the borders of Nepal. Nepal consist of no. of cultures and traditions. Being the nearest to India, many Indian students find it interesting to go for studies there. As the condition in India for the medical seat is very poor so because no. of the students appearing for entrance exam is way too high than no. of seats available. So usually students opt to go abroad for the medical studies. Nepal has been the nearest, so it attracts the eye of many Indian students for there studies. In conclusion, the question arises What will be the MBBS cost in NEPAL? and why Nepal?

MBBS cost in NEPAL
MBBS cost in NEPAL


  • MCI approved colleges and universities

there are many colleges which are approved by MCI


it is same that of India i.e. 5 and half years


Language difficulty is less encounter when compared to other countries like China because Hindi is usually understood by the people there

Many Northeast states in India speaks Nepalese so this barrier is overcome.

  • mbbs cost in Nepal

It usually arranges from 20 lacs to 50 lacs but when compared to China it is high but in comparison to India it is low

  • FOOD

Student finds the taste a bit similar to India like Dal Bhat as well as momos.

they can even have foods from hotels and canteens which provide them with different cuisines.

WHAT WILL BE mbbs cost in Nepal?
mbbs cost in Nepal
mbbs cost in Nepal
  1. KUSMS college, Dhulikhel – 29,98,700 RS
  2. MCOMS, Pokhara – 40,00,000 RS
  3. COMS, Bharatpur – 40,00,000 RS
  4. KMC, Kathmandu – 41,26,390
  5. Nobel, Biratnagar – 39,95,000 RS

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so before going for mbbs Nepal think and take a step

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Cost of Admission in Medical Colleges of Nepal

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