MBBS course duration

What is MBBS course duration?

MBBS course duration

Studying medicine requires discipline and hard work. A typical MBBS course involves Academic education along with a mandatory internship. The total MBBS course duration is of 5.5 years. 4.5 years of medical education and 1 year of mandatory internship. MBBS is an undergraduate education programme in Medicine. It is the starting point of the medical career of any medical aspirant. Though the course is of 5.5 years. Sometimes students also take coaching classes for 1 or 2 years before giving any medical entrance exam. This extends the whole education period to 6.5 to 7.5 years.

Why is MBBS course duration 5.5 years?

As mentioned earlier that an MBBS course comprises of 4.5 years of formal education and then 1 year of mandatory internship. The educational period is of 4.5 years because the 2nd year of MBBS is of 1.5 years. Rest is of 1 year only.

What is the syllabus taught in MBBS?

In the 1st year of MBBS following subjects will be taught –

1) Anatomy
2) Physiology
3) Biochemistry

Anatomy is the branch of science which is concerned with the bodily structure of humans, animals, and other living organisms. B.D. Chaurasia is the most famous author on this subject in India. His books consist of the following –

1) General anatomy
2) Vol.1- Head & Neck
3) Vol.2- Thorax abdomen and upper limbs
4) Vol.3- Lower limbs

Physiology is that branch of Biology which deals with the normal functioning of living organisms and their parts.

Biochemistry is that branch of science which is concerned with the chemical and physicochemical processes happening in a living organism.

In the 2nd year of MBBS following subjects will be taught –

1) Pharmacology (the study of the uses, effects, and modes of action of drugs)
2) Pathology (the study of disease)
3) Microbiology (the study of microscopic organisms)
4) Forensic (the application of medical science in solving crimes)

In the 3rd year of MBBS following subjects will be taught –

1) Community Medicine (the study of healthcare issues affecting a community)
2) Ophthalmology (the study of treatment of disorders))
3) ENT (the study of conditions of the ear, nose, and throat)

In the final 4th year of MBBS following subjects will be taught –

1)  General Medicine
2) Surgery
3) Obstetrics and Gynecology (the study which deals with pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period)
4) Pediatrics (deals with the medical care of infants, children, and adolescents)

What are some updates regarding medical courses?

  • Parliamentary Committee had previously put forward some proposals regarding MBBS exams. Now Union cabinet decided to approve their proposals. including the proposal to replace the Medical Council of India (MCI) with a National Medical Commission.
  • MCI on April 2018 announced that all colleges which are providing MBBS courses. Must provide Post Graduate courses within 3 years of the grant of recognition. Failing to do so may result in withdrawal of recognition of MBBS qualification.

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