Mbbs fees in India

India is advancing in every field. It is trying its best to become a developed country from a developing country. The government is trying its best to provide best education to the students. However ,the still do not match the standards of other countries. But in terms of infrastructure it lacks somewhere. Despite of it, the top colleges provide a quality education. People say that pursuing Mbbs needs determination and courage .Agreeing to the statement , it also requires good financial status .Mbbs fees in India for private colleges cannot be afforded by a lower middle class family. Only financially stable families can afford medical studies in private medical college although the fees for government colleges is affordable.

Mbbs Fees in India

What is the fee structure of AIIMS?

AIIMS is one of the best medical college in India. It conducts its separate  entrance examination. The exam is difficult to clear. It requires a lot of preparation  to clear the medical entrance exam.However, it provides every kind of facility to the students. Because medical colleges are not just about studies. So, the college association makes sure that extra curricular activities are also conducted.  The fee structure is as follows:

Registration fee- 25

Caution money- 100

tuition fee-1350

lab fee-90

student union fee-63

total-Rs 1628

For students who want to stay in hostel

Hostel Rent- 990

Gymkhana fee-220

Pot funds-1320

Electricity charges- 198

Mess security- 500

Hostel security -1000

Total- Rs 4228

This fee amount is subject to revision. Also,the selected candidates will pay this fee amount immediately after selection. Most noteworthy,Mess fees in refundable. Hostel acommodation is subject to revision. Payment in cash only. For foreign students ,it is USD 75000.

What is the fee structure of MBBS in Christian Medical College,Vellore?

Year 1 – 40,330

2nd Year-18,505

3rd year-18,505

4th year-18,505

5th year-18,505

Total- Rs 112,750

What is the MBBS fees In JIPMER?

JIPMER in Puducherry conducts its separate entrance examination. It is one of the top colleges in India. It offers well rounded curriculum and a quality education. The fees structure is as follows. The selected candidates have to pay this amount at the time of admission.

Admission Fees( paid only once)- 4000

Academic Fees(per annum)- 1400

Student Association fees-2000

Learnind resource fee(p.a)-2000

Corpus Fund- 70

IT charge- 2000

ID card- 150

Total Amount- Rs 11,650

For foreign students the fees is USD 75000. Along with transaction charges.

For private colleges, the MBBS fees in India  is comparitively  high. In terms of education and fee structure private colleges are better .But, in terms of infrastructure private colleges are good as well. In MBBS colleges abroad , both education and infrastructure is good .

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