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Aspire to be a doctor? Wish to pursue Medicine from Australia? Here’s all you need to know about the structure of the Medical Studies in Australia, the eligibility criteria, exams required to get admission in the Medical Schools in the country as well as their validity in India.

Medicine continues to be one of the most sought after courses in India as well as abroad. Truly a noble profession, the association of life with medical profession makes it the most carefully designed programs. The same is the case with mbbs from Australia. The country, focused on quality in education, has given the same stringent thought to its medical studies. So, if you aspire to pursue mbbs from Australia…as an international student, what you need to do? Here’s what.

Entry Requirements to Study mbbs from australia

Before we look into the entry requirements to study medicine in Australia, let us have a look at how medical studies structured in Australia. Until 2004, Australia followed the typical system of medical education, similar to European Countries. It had a bachelor’s degree program, nothing but MBBS, and a master’s program MD. These two degrees were considered the basic undergraduate programs to conduct further research programs in medicine.

Australian Qualifications Framework underwent major changes in the year 2004. Currently, Australian medical colleges two types of medical programs.

  1. Undergraduate medical degrees for students who complete the high school, and duration of this course lasts for 5 to 6 years, which gives the degree MBBS.
  2. Graduate program that lasts for 4 years, which gives the degree MD.

    Undergraduate Medical Program – mbbs from australia

    The duration of this program in Australia is 6 years. It involves a lot of theoretical classes, followed by rigorous practical sessions, which is implemented by Australian Quality Frameworks towards better education.

    However, this entry level UG medical program is not offered by many universities and medical schools in Australia. Only a few medical schools in Australia provide this UG degree for international students. University of New South Wales and University of Adelaide are two popular medical universities in Australia for international students that offer MBBS program in Australia.

    Eligibility for this course

    • Basic qualification – Higher secondary completion from any recognized board and institute
    • Qualifying in language proficiency, Scoring a minimum of 7 in IELTS
    • Minimum age 17 years
    • UMAT qualifying – Special test conducted as entrance exam for international students.

Graduate Medical Program – MD from Australia

Essentially, almost all of the medical courses in Australia are graded at Level 9 as a Master’s program and confers the degree of Doctor of Medicine – MD. This is usually a 4 year graduate program and offered by many top universities of Australia like University of Melbourne, University of Sydney, Deakin University, etc.

It is important to note that some universities’ medical program might not be called MD and have a different nomenclature. The best way to judge whether or not it is a graduate or an undergraduate program is to check the entry level. It is often clearly mentioned that it is a graduate program.


Undergraduate Medicine and Health Sciences Admission Test is the medical entrance exam similar to MCAT conducted in US and Canada.

Process of Admission for mbbs from australia after 12th


To apply to the graduate medicine courses in Australia a candidate ought to have

  • English Language Proficiency (often high levels of proficiency is expected)
  • Bachelors’ Degree
  • GAMSAT (Graduate Australian Medical School Admissions Test) Score or MCAT (Medical College Admissions Test) Score

It is important to note that a student may not have completed the bachelor’s program in medical sciences or sciences for that matter. Subject is not a constraint for students applying to medical schools in Australia. However, a student who does not have a strong understanding of the biological sciences might not be able to clear the GAMSAT or the MCAT, which is necessary for the admission.

What we are trying to say is in case you have done your bachelors’ in biology or psychology and can clear the GAMSAT, then your dream to be a doctor might be possible in Australia.

Admission Process

Documents required:

  • You high school/ bachelor degree performance (GPAs, etc.)
  • Relevant Exam scores – UMAT, GAMSAT or MCAT scores
  • Interview
  • Essays

Students are essentially required to reach out to the International Office of the University, supply the information mentioned above. Basis the applications received, the universities create a list of merit after combining the GPA of your three year’s academic performance and the Medical Exams (UMAT/ GAMSAT/ MCAT) score. Taking your application into consideration, if you are shortlisted, you would be sent an invitation for an Interview on Skype. Selected candidates are then be admitted to the program.

Both the programs – MBBS and MD start in the January Session in Australian Medical Schools. The students are advised to apply a year before and often the deadlines are towards September of the previous year. If the application is supplied later than the date mentioned by the university, the candidate would be considered for the next to next session. For instance, Admissions for January 2016 would close in September 2015. Application after September 2015 would be considered for January 2017 intake.

Accreditation from Indian Medical Council

The major advantage of studying mbbs from australia is, it is internationally recognized medical degree. Unlike other MBBS programs which call for additional screening exam by MCI to practice in India, there is no need for screening examinations. However

In fact, Medical Council of India does not ask the students who studied MBBS in English Speaking Countries to take any qualifying examination to practice medicine in India. It applies to Australia too.

However, you should have a valid license as medical practitioner to practice medicine in both Australia and India. You can instantly register in Indian Medical Council and start practicing medicine without any additional exam.

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