MBBS in China course duration

MBBS in China course duration

The path for success is not short is said correctly. For one to really achieve goal, it must take hard work, sweat and also determination. But before one must be successful it really takes years of hard work and determination. Some might take one or two years to achieve their goals. Others might go as far as 5 to 7 years to accomplish theirs. Like MBBS in China course duration is of 5 to 7 years.

Not everyone will be interested in studying medicine due to its length of duration. In every country, the duration of the study of medicine really varies.

MBBS in China course duration
MBBS in China course duration

How is MBBS in China?

Let’s take China for instance, where Chinese western-based education has developed since the nineteenth century. There about over 900 medical universities currently in China. World health Organization (WHO) accredited most of them . Among them, most of the universities admit foreign students for English medium MBBS program.

What is the MBBS in China course duration?

The duration for MBBS also varies within China itself from 5 to 7 years with its academic year normally starting from August or September. In medical schools, which usually have the duration of 5 years. Students normally spend four years for the bachelor degree and also one year of an internship either in China or any country of their choice. Under this kind of duration, the whole course begins right from the start of the first year alongside with the Chinese language to help improve the communication skills of foreign students with the locals.

Most medical universities in China like my school, medical education is normally five years bachelor degree, including one-year internship either in China or any preferred country.

Very few of the medical schools have their duration of 7 years of medical education.6 years of learning then 1-year internship.

what is the latest news regarding MBBS in China course duration?

According to global Times

More students from around the globe make China their top choice for medical science studies

rising number of students from around the globe are choosing Chinese universities as China takes a more important role in world healthcare issues.

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