MBBS in China

MBBS in China fees

Are you searching for a college with excellent teaching skills? Are you searching for a college with low fees? Often toppers due to tension do not get a good score. And then they start searching for various colleges and we are here to guide them through various options of getting  MBBS degree. We’ll be discussing here MBBS in China fees.

We understand the worries and pain you must have gone through, to get admission in MBBS. Due to high competition, it’s very difficult to get into a medical college. Especially in India, if we see, hardly the top 3 to 5% get into the Government Medical Colleges. The remaining students look for private medical colleges or find study options abroad. Students who could then afford the high fees charged by the private medical colleges seek an admission there.

Then comes one of the best part: MBBS in abroad. Students now start searching for admissions in medical colleges based in China & Russia. MBBS in China is the most popular option, medical students seek.MBBS here is basically approved by the Medical Council of India. https://www.mciindia.org/CMS/information-desk/for-students-to-study-in-abroad
So to overcome the high medical fees charged by private colleges or the heavy competitions, medical students make a move towards MBBS in China. The MBBS program is a six-year program including an internship whereas in south universities the course duration is of five years only.

                                                MBBS IN CHINA Fees

                  MBBS in China Fees

Is the fees of MBBS course less in abroad?  Yes! you read that right. China gets it done for their students in just 3 lakhs per annum!

The only reason why students opt for completing their medical degree in China is the affordable fees they charge. Universities in China have their fees in the range of Rs 3 to 4 Lac per year. Bachelor’s degree in medicine from China is a suitable option for students who could not crack medical exams with high scores or who could not afford the private medical colleges.

The top-ranked universities along with their fees are given below:

1. Yangzhou University – Rs 3 Lac per year
MBBS IN CHINAhttp://english.yzu.edu.cn/
   5 years course  Eligibility – PCB: 70%

2.Nanjing Medical University – Rs 3.4 Lac per year
5 years course with the Eligibility -PCB: 75%

3. Qiqihar Medical University – Rs 1.6 Lac per year
5 years course with the Eligibility – PCB : 50%

4. Sun Yat Sen University – Rs. 4,98,375 Lac (6 years)MBBS IN CHINA
6 years course including internship.

5.Sichuan University- Rs. 3,76,887. ( 6 years)                                     http://school.cucas.edu.cn/Sichuan-University-76/
6 years courses including internship.

A must watch for students- MBBS in China fees

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