MBBS in China for Indian Students 2018

MBBS in China for Indian Students 2018

MBBS in China for Indian Students 2018

MBBS in China for Indian Students 2018: MBBS in China is not only a smart choice but a very affordable choice for Indian students. China is very popular, firstly due to the low cost, secondly due to promising returns. It is located very near to India when compared to other countries. & offers medical education at a very low cost.

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China is also rapidly growing in aspects of foreign students coming over to Chinese universities for a budget education. Not only this, but China is very highly advanced in research & development in respect to medical science as well.

Why is China a destination for MBBS?

China is very high on their research in any field, talk about technology they are up, talk about medical, they are up! Furthermore, these days, China is increasing the research, advancing the education pattern & increasing scholarship budget as well. This further results in finely equipped education centres. The funds of these universities are in abundance & thus they provide a quality education to one and all. Thus, 20 Medical Universities from China have ranked in the top 1,000 medical universities in the whole world!

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What is the MBBS Fees in China?

MBBS in China is very affordable, again! The cost of MBBS in China is very cheap. Additionally, scholarships are granted to the foreign students for a proper completion of the course. The average cost of pursuing MBBS from China is just 10 Lakhs, that too for five years! In fact, this is very low as compared to the cost of MBBS in other popular countries.

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What is the eligibility for MBBS in China?

A candidate is supposed to fulfil two criteria for getting admission in China: Firstly, a minimum of 60% is required in Physics, Chemistry & Biology (Class 12th or equivalent). Secondly, the candidate’s age must be 17 years as on 31st December 2018.

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What are the documents required for Admission in MBBS in China?

For getting admission in MBBS in China, a candidate would need the following documents for admission:

i. A copy of High School and Intermediate pass certificate

ii. A copy of Official transcripts provided by the school,

iii. A photocopy of the Candidate’s Passport

iv. A photocopy of the completed physical exam record form

What is the fees of MBBS colleges in China?

MBBS in China for Indian Students 2018

MBBS in China for Indian Students 2018

The above table shows the different colleges in China with the fee structure as well. The students can go through the list & make a proper choice. As a matter of fact, the fee structure ranges in between 2.5 Lakhs to 4.0 Lakhs, per year, not more than that.

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What is the latest news about NEET 2018?

According to The Indian Express dated, July 3rd 2018:

VIJAYAWADA: On Monday, the first phase of NEET undergraduate State quota counselling was finished. 2,491 MBBS seats were allotted to candidates of Convenor Quota. Also, the counselling of B category seats commenced on 4th July, over 3000 candidates have applied.

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