MBBS in China review

You might have read many blogs regarding MBBS in China. Our site Career Growth and many other sites continuously provide the blogs regarding MBBS in China. You might have already read about where is China about the fee structure course duration atmosphere environment etc. In this blog will provide you with the MBBS in China review. Like we’ll actually include the interview of an Indian student who is studying in China.

MBBS in China review
MBBS in China review

Let’s talk

MBBS in China review:

  • Why decide to study in China?

China has more opportunities for students to enhance their medical education. This also made them more independent.

  • Why did you choose your MBBS medical education degree program?

School of Medicine is recognized worldwide and also the degree is authorized by MCI. It also focus on both the medical education system, which is Clinical Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine, which really will improve your medical skills.

According to the students their MBBS classes are more fun. The most impressive section is practical. THEY had never done any practise in medicine in India.

  • What do students like best?

The best part is scheduled are flexible, classes are fun, and also the variety of activities they can participate in.

Students have to do some medical projects in groups. Working in groups not only helps them to improve there communication skills, but they can always integrate the best ideas and also come up with the best project report.

MBBS in China review
MBBS in China review
  • What is the biggest surprise students usually get their?

People are helpful, especially for international students.

  • How finances are managed?

Candidates family has to pay the full tuition fees since international students are not eligible to work in China. However, international students don’t need to find jobs, since the tuition fees are very much affordable as per the Indian standards. Even the living cost in Shihezi, China is much cheaper than any city or state in India.

  • Is it difficult in adjusting to a different educational system?

The Chinese educational system is the best. Chinese Medical Universities have greater reputations, better student services, academic programs, and also top class infrastructure.

  • How easy or difficult is making friends?

Once you are comfortable in speaking English and Chinese, you will be confident to talk to Chinese people and make a lot of friends.

What about the latest news?

About 6-7,000 freshers go outside of India to do medicine, chiefly to China and Russia. At present, any student who has passed class 12th from one board with 50% only needs to obtain an Eligibility Certificate from MCI in line to move foreign to become a doctor.

mbbs in China review the Ministry of Education of the Chinese government has also recognized 45 medical colleges which have been characterised as “good”.

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