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Why Study in china ?

mbbs in china !Consideration while you think of a chinese classroom? strict academic?Rigid classroom? A heavily examine time table ?While we must know English is a 2nd language for lots of faculty in china,so you’ll get opportunities to enlarge your communication abilities while speaking to the faculties.In china ,students are anticipated to stick to their time table and attend each lecture .Good manners are crucial and it’s conventional to elevate your hand to answer questions -benefits of this is that faculties is no way randomly ask you something ! However,professors moreover promote the talent and avidly participate in class room discussions.A lot of training has been introduced the usage of ms powerpoint presentations.The overseas collage students come from many unique cultures.It actually opens your thoughts.Textbooks are especially reasonably-priced in China,which means that you don’t need to go over your financial budget to buy them .Just like in india ,the main focus is to put on an overall performance in the final exams held in china.

Why Study MBBS in China?

Hybrid treatment have taken place to the traditional chinese medical massage after blending with modern -day medicine imported from the western world.China has turned out to be the main appeal for global students who’re willing to pursue an education in distinctive disciplines in china.China offers high teaching standards ,through learnings and eminent career opportunities after MBBS. Many Indian students seek admission for  shaping their career by pursuing MBBS in china. The MBBS application process in china is convenient. However, right guidance at every step during admission is very crucial and essential.Our skilled counsellors delivers free guidance and other assistance required to study MBBS in China .

Eligibility to study MBBS in china.

Eligibility criteria to study MBBS in china is very easy to understand and agreeable for Indian student students. The Indian student student from general category must have obtained 70% marks in the 12th year of schooling.Students belonging to reserved category are eligible to study MBBS in chinese colleges if they have attained an average of 60% marks in the 12th standard examination .Minimum and maximum age to apply in any renowned chinese college are 17 years and 25 years respectively.

Admission procedure to Study MBBS in China !




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Visa Requirement to study in china !

It is suggested to take advice from visa counsellors and Ex-Visa officials at Career growth to understand the Visa formalities and assistance in Visa submission. Experienced Visa counsellors at career growth offers complete Visa assistance pertaining documentation checks,financial checks and Visa submission.

Alongside,according to Chinese regulation ,Indian students who plan to study in China for more than six months are required to buy Group Integrated Insurance as one of the registration techniques,irrespective of their private insurance in India.Once you receive the Chinese Student Visa ,you must arrive in China ,within 90 days from the issuance of the Visa.

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Accommodation in China while academic

Searching your very own lodging can be difficult in a foreign country; however, you do have some of the alternatives when determining the type of accommodation you need to live in China. Universities commonly provide housing especially for international students, so communicate with your college housing before you start searching on your very own! Or simply speak to our counsellors to provide you with an accommodation that suits your living style and budget. There is mainly two type of accommodation for Indian students in China, Campus Housing which is provided by the University and Private Apartment that you have to find on your own. Besides, some students also live with a host family to save on more expenses and this also helps them to get close to the Chinese traditions and lifestyle when living with a typical Chinese family in their house and share expenses.

Top MBBS colleges in china !

  • Jiangsu university  

    Duration: 6 years
    Tuition fee: RMB26000 (about 3500 USD) per year
    Location: Zhenjiang

    Jiangsu University is a teaching-and-research-oriented comprehensive university in China. It is one of the first group of universities that offer master and doctoral programs and one of the Top 100 Universities in China. There are eight hospitals affiliated to Jiangshu University which spread in Jiangshu, Shanghai city, etc. Therefore, students can have internship in different cities of China.

  • Central South university
    Duration: 6 years
    Tuition fee: RMB32000 (about 5160 USD) per year
    Location: Changsha
    Its medical school (Xiang Ya Medical School) ranks top 10 in China and is a modern and complete medical training institution with origins relating to Yale University. The MBBS program is the national key construction program in this comprehensive university. Moreover, its tuition fee is moderate compare to other top universities.
  • Duration: 6 years
    Tuition fee: RMB26000 (about 4195 USD) per year

    Location: Zhengzhou

    This university is a key provincial university and it is famous for its medical school because there are 9 hospitals attached to it so that many internship vacancies available to its students. Moreover, this university offers MBBS program in English and the tuition fee is not relatively lower than many other top universities, so it is very popular among international applicants.


Duration: 6 years
Tuition fee: RMB30000 (about 4840 USD) per year
Location: Nanjing
College of Medicine in Southeast University is regarded as an important base in the national medical education. Besides, there is a newly constructed Clinical Experimental Center in this university so that students have more chances to do practice there. Besides, Nanjing City is a city with long history that leaves deep impressions on visitors and students alike.

There are hundreds of benefits, which can be explored for Studying Medicine in China. Below given are some immediate reasons why you should opt for China

  • Chinese Medical Science has become very advance in last 2 decades
  • Government of China invests huge budget for medical research
  • A number of high-tech medical universities are available
  • Chinese Medical Market us growing a great pace globally
  • Education standards are directly governed by government
  • Chine is the fastest growing economy of the globe
  • More than 10,000 students go China every year from India to study
  • International Medical Programs are taught in English Language
  • Easy and quick admission process without any hassles
  • Fully equipped and modern classrooms
  • High-tech labs and practical rooms for practice
  • Standard of education is European but cost is much cheaper
  • Chinese Medical Tourism Industry growing at a huge pace


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