MBBS in Georgia 2018

In India, we consider MBBS as one of the most difficult courses. Students are relieved who plan to study MBBS in Georgia 2018.
It’s very important for Indian colleges to look for only MCI approved colleges. The programs in MBBS in Georgia are universal. Here, the institutions stand out when it comes to offering medical courses. Moreover, the toughness of Indian medical entrance examinations has demotivated medical aspirants. Furthermore, costly course fees in India also causes trouble. Doing an MBBS from Georgia is easy as well as affordable comparatively. Know more about MBBS in Georgia 2018.

What do I need to know about MBBS IN Georgia 2018?

Before you set foot into your career. There are pieces of information about MBBS in Georgia 2018 that you must know.

What is the last Date to Apply?

Apply on or before 15th August 2018.

What is the basic Eligibility?

• You must have done your higher education in Science with 60%.
• Moreover, the candidate must have scored in NEET.

What is the minimum Course Fee?

The minimum course fee is 1.8Lakh per Year.

Do you require English Proficiency?

Yes, they require it.

What is the minimum Living Cost in Georgia?

The cost lies between rs. 12-15 Thousand/Month.

What is the medium of Education in Georgia medical college?

Presently, it’s English.

What is the duration of the course?

The duration is 6 years.

What does an MBBS degree from a Medical University in Georgia require?

Presently, it is TOEFL or IELTS score. As a matter of fact, no further interview or Donation we need to give to obtain a student visa in Georgia.

What is the cost of studying MBBS from Georgia?

We consider a pocket-friendly as well as the best possible option to pursue our career.
Look at the fee structure.

What is the visa process for MBBS IN GEORGIA?

What do we know about the Indian students in Georgian University?

Indian students are moving towards the exciting new option of MD/MBBS in Georgia. Statistics also support this statement as over 3000 students from India alone pursue study and careers in medicine from the Universities in Georgia. The major reason for this is the low fees but that is not the only reason. As a matter of fact, MCI has approved the colleges here, which, makes it sought after. The universities here have designed the education style in such a way that the Indian students are prepared for the MCI test right from the beginning of academic year.

To study MBBS for Indian students Georgian universities are gradually becoming a popular destination. In other words, Georgia is well designed for the students who want to study MBBS there. After finishing off the college, the country also has to offer ample employment opportunities to the students.

What is the current news?

Maharashtra government has declared that the medical and engineering colleges would have 1% orphan quota from this year.

Are you confused about the final selection?

Watch our video to be clear with the decisions.

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