MBBS In Philippines duration

MBBS is the new Russia for Medical Studies . This is because it offers a low cost MBBS with high quality of education. However, the best thing is the code of conduct is in English . This makes learning even easier. In many colleges abroad the native language is the code of conduct , studying in such colleges become difficult. Therefore , MBBS in Philippines is preferred. Also, the ratio of students is balanced.  There lies a big confusion about the duration of the MBBS course in Philippines. Here are the details-

What is the duration of MBBS course in Philippines?

The duration of the MBBS course varies in different universities. However, a thing remains common which is the precised idea of BS-MD program. If a student opts for MBBS in Philippines after class 12, then he/she has to enroll in BS program . The duration of this program varies from 1.5 to 2 years according to the college.

Now after completing BS for 2 years or so, the student has to pursue MD . The MD course is 4 years long . For students who pursue MBBS after graduation, can get direct admission in MD which makes it just fo 4 years.

The duration of the BS programs varies from college to college and it is a mandatory course after class 12 , if you seek for admission in Philippines.

MBBS In Philippines duration


WHAT IS BS-MD program?

MBBS in Philippines is called BS-MD . Some students opt for MBBS after class 12 and some after completing their graduation. For those, who opt for medicine after class 12- they first have to enroll for BS program which is for 1-1.5 years. Then they have to pass an exam called NMAT. Based on this NMAT exam score, students get admission in MD course which is of 4 years. This MD course is not same as the MD course of India although the name is same. However, they differ in all aspects. A student after the completion of this BS-MD program is eligible for MCI screening test.

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