Well, there are many students willing to find out the answer to, “Is MBBS the same as MBCHB?”. There are many discussions regarding. But, did you just now got confused & found this site instead? We welcome you here! In the article below, we will clear your doubts regarding the topic MBCHB vs MBBS, are both the degree same or do they different value. This article will clear all of your doubts.

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What is MBBS?

MBBS is the first & foremost professional degree that’s awarded in medicine. It is an undergraduate degree. This course planned to expertise the students in each and field of medicine.

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The courses comprise of different subjects like Applied Pharmacology, Human Physiology, Human Anatomy, Human Pathology, Pediatrics, Applied Medical Biochemistry, Otolaryngology, Dermatology, Human Microbiology, and General Surgery too. The duration of the course is not the same in all the different countries. A typical MBBS degree is completed in 4 years & 6 months. Whereas, in many countries, an internship is also a major subject. The main reason for an internship is to provide them with adequate practical exposure before stepping into the real field.

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What is MBChB?

MBChB course is a Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery degree of five years duration. It’s a structured undergraduate course & mainly deals with the execution of the medical knowledge, not just in clinical work but also in medical sciences. These degrees are awarded in some of the countries like the United Kingdom, New Zealand, South Africa etc. The course advances the communication skills as develops the personality that is required for the treatment of the patients.

ChB is the Latin word for Bachelor of Surgery, BS also stands for the same.

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What is the difference between MBBS & MBchB?

MBBS and MBChB are no different degree, but the same thing: Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, which is abbreviated in different ways such as MD, MBBCh etc. Also, these are the two first & foremost professional degree in medicine and surgery which is awarded upon graduation. Certain countries who follow the tradition of the United Kingdom ultimately follows this pattern.

While some medical colleges call it MBChB, some other calls it as MBBS. MB is the abbreviation for Bachelor of Medicine in Latin as well as English, ultimately the reason why it’s the same in both.

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What is the latest news about NEET 2018?

According to NDTV on 5th July 2018:

DMER (Maharashtra) has passed the first selection list for admission in MBBS & BDS courses. The selection list has been uploaded on the official website of DMER. The selection list for the other Health Science courses will be announced in some time.

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