Medical Degree Abbreviation

Medical Degree Abbreviation

Medical Degree Abbreviation: Well, did you just now get confused between MBBS & MD? MBBS stands for Bachelor of Medicine-Bachelor of Surgery, while MD stands for Doctor of Medicine. these are medical degree abbreviations.Medical Degree Abbreviation

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However, abbreviations are used in order to save time, effort & also space. An abbreviation is a shortened form of big phrases or words. It represents a long, often-used word or phrase.

In medical fields, there are many abbreviations in use. Well, didn’t you understand the doctor’s prescription and blamed his handwriting instead? It might be that the doctor has used many abbreviations that you wouldn’t know unless you’re into this field. Likewise, there are abbreviations for everything; from degree to terms & even the name of diseases.

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What are some of the major Medical Degree Abbreviations?

Medical Degree Abbreviation

Medical Degree Abbreviation

Medical Degree Abbreviation

Medical Degree Abbreviation

The above list contains all the major abbreviations of the medical degrees. Furthermore, this list is very important to the students pursuing MBBS or any related degree.

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What are some more abbreviations related to Medical degree?

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What is a Fellow?

‘Fellows’: A special group of physicians carrying on education as in by indulging in medical practice, teaching or by research.  Fellowship is a very dignified position which is given to recognize ongoing individual service & contributions to the practice of medicine.

It is also a mark of distinction. It tells you that your physician has & is still making continuous efforts to be a good physician. This, it also says that your physician eventually cares for providing good health care also.

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How does a Physician become a Fellow?

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Now, the physicians should really show that they are always growing & also learning for the Fellowship to be bestowed. They might prove this through activities like teaching, public service, hospital appointments, publishing medical education & advanced training.

Recommendation by other Fellows who should attest to their ethics, character & excellence in the professionnal medical activities.

Thus, the list below shows the fellowship abbreviations which is also indeed very important for your knowledge.

Medical Degree AbbreviationMedical Degree Abbreviation

Medical Degree Abbreviation

What is the latest news about NEET 2018?

According to The Times of India on 3rd July 2018:

CHENNAI: On Monday, the counselling has started by state committee for claiming admissions to MBBS/BDS, at the Govt. multi speciality hospital. Health Minister, Mr C Vijaya Baskar gave away the allotment order to the toppers, at 9 AM. It was only allotted to most of the toppers who opted for seats in Madras Medical College. Now, among those ten students, only second & fourth students attended the counselling.

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