Misconceptions/FAQ about MBBS in abroad

  1. MBBS in abroad is not approved by MCI

All the universities that are approved by MCI are listed in MCI’s official website, please check it before applying.

  1. If I study MBBS abroad I will not be able to clear FMGE/MCI exam

Every year nearly 12000 students appear for MCI/FMGE exam, and 3000 students clear it, which is roughly 25%. It is purely upon how much efforts and hard work you have done in last 5 years which will determine whether you will clear it or not. The FMGE exam is an entirely % based exam where if you get more than 50% than you pass it so no one can stop you if you are confident that you have studied medicine properly.

  1. MBBS in abroad is usually of low quality

MBBS in Abroad is usually is divided into 3 categories

  1. Tier-A: Usually these colleges admit only at a % level of 70% in PCBE and their quality of education is very good.
  2. Tier-B: Usually these colleges admit only at a % level of 60% in PCBE and their quality of education is reasonably good.
  3. Tier-C: Usually these colleges admit only at a % level of 50% in PCBE and their quality of education is satisfactory.


  1. A students who studies MBBS abroad suffers from language problem

In all countries the course of language is 100% English medium, except Russia where first 3 years are in English and rest 3 are in Russian. As far as local language is concerned the students slowly adapts whenever he socialise with the locals of that country. Please note 5 years in country is a lot to learn their language in order to socialise with them.


  1. MBBS in abroad in some countries are not safe

Most countries offering MBBS are very safe. They have campuses of 200 acres where nearly 20000 students study out of which roughly 2000 are international. So the student’s community enjoy like a family.


  1. If I study MBBS in abroad I will not get proper food

Most universities in Abroad have international canteens/mess where students can buy rajma chawal, chole chawal authentic Indian food. This saves time of a student to cook so he can focus in studies. Moreover the ingredients like rice, pulses, atta is easily available at nearby stores in case students wish to cook themselves.

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