National Medical commission bill (NMC)

What is National Medical commission bill (NMC)?

The prestigious Medical Council of (MCI) , responsible for establishing and maintaining the grade and smooth flow of Indian medical education and its recognition at global level is soon going to be knocked-off and will be replaced by a new governing body i.e. the National Medical Commission (NMC), this 25 member commission will replace the elected MEDICAL COUNCIL OF INDIA (MCI)  and will be independent of administrators, this is as per the National Medical Commission Bill tabled on the parliament on Friday.

national medical commission bill
national medical commission bill

This new bill proposes a radical change in rules and regulations of current system, this is why there is a lot of stir about it in the market right now, but before we get into any details, the real question is why the situation has come to such a pass? Well, With the current non-transparent and corrupted medical education system it was impossible to keep the medical education in tune with the country’s requirements.

Earlier the MEDICAL COUNCIL OF INDIA (MCI)  had many great arsenal at their disposal through which they could sweep out any institution going against the protocols but these powers were also the cause of corruption and there were many complaints against this.

To rectify the above issues there (NMC) NATIONAL MEDICAL COMMISSION bill was proposed, it has offered various changes in how the system works, one of them being that the National Medical Commission Bill allows recognized medical institutions to add more seats or start PG course without seeking permission from regulator. This mechanism is to reduce the discretionary powers of the regulator. The (NMC) NATIONAL MEDICAL COMMISSION however, can dictate fee guidelines for up to 40% of seats providing relief to students from the outrageous fee charged by the institutes, if the institutes fail to abide by the terms, then (NMC) NATIONAL MEDICAL COMMISSION can be fine sums ranging from half of cumulative fees the institute charges from the students to 10 times of that amount.

Other issue is that the government wants to focus on the quality of the medical students, to tackle this the Bill also provides for the introduction of a licentiate(exit) examination within three years of its passage by Parliament, after this the graduates will be able to practice or pursue other PG courses only after passing the exit exam, such a step will ensure the quality of students.

For MBBS, students have to clear NEET, and before they step into practice, they have to pass the exit exam.

This bill is also going to pave way for scientific advancements in medicines as it promotes crosspathy, Non medicos(scientists) joining the (NMC) NATIONAL MEDICAL COMMISSION will facilitate scientific advancements in medicine by indigenous research(which results in affordable tests and therapies) as doctors in India are unfortunately not trained for research unlike those in West(as curriculum of MBBS,

MD, DM etc. does not include basic research studies); this will facilitate expansion of genetic testing services nationwide (attracting revenue for re-investment in medicine) and generate genetic data for cure of genetic disorders; accelerate translational research and improved provision for integrated health care which may provide solutions of incurable disorders.

Further inclusion of Ayurveda, Yoga and other pathies will reduce patient rush and generate comparative data between modern medicine and alternative medicine thus paving way for regulation of costs of healthcare.

Overall the (NMC) NATIONAL MEDICAL COMMISSION bill seems like a bold yet necessary step by the government to bridge down the gap between the growing medical needs of our country and the medical services it offers right now.

With the MEDICAL COUNCIL OF INDIA (MCI)  era about to end and the step-up of (NMC) NATIONAL MEDICAL COMMISSION things are surely about to change a lot, be it seeking admission in top medical colleges in India or stepping up into practice after studies, and a lot more.

Hopefully the corruption goes down leading way to a healthy medical education system.

So, what are your thoughts on it, and how do you think this is going to work out in long run?

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