Should I do an MBBS in abroad?

First and the Foremost point that comes in mind when trying to answer the Should I do an MBBS in abroad is expense or cost.Mostly MBBS in EU countries is far expensive than the mbbs from countries like China or Philippines. Nowadays, you can there is hike in the number of students going abroad to study abroad. Philippines has seen a tremendous rise in number of students coming there to study. So one answer to question Should I do an MBBS in abroad  can be that a large number of students are turning there for higher studies.Being low cost and inexpensive and high quality education is a simple reason for moving abroad for mbbs.

Should I do an MBBS in abroad in terms of Expense??

Below we are providing the details of the countries which are mostly preferred for the MBBS by not only India students but also by the students from across the world.Here is an idea about the fee structure of mbbs in few countries. This cost includes living cost and the college fees as well for five years.

Country Minimum Package (Including College Fees+Accommodation+Food)
MBBS in Philippines ₹22 Lakh
MBBS in Russia ₹23 Lakh
MBBS in Ukraine ₹22 Lakh
MBBS in China ₹25 Lakh
MBBS in Bangladesh ₹30 Lakh
MBBS in Kyrgyzstan ₹16 Lakh


Should I do an MBBS in abroad in terms of MCI Recognition/Affiliation ??

This is really a key and the most important feature in deciding to go for a college in Abroad i.e. whether your university or college is recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI) or not. You can only appear for the MCI screening test or FMGE only if you hold an MBBS degree from a MCI recognized university only. That is if your planing to practice in India only after your MBBS then do take good care of this fact.

Should I do an MBBS in abroad in terms of Quality of Education?

Regarding this question a bit has already been answered in cost paragraph. But still we will discuss a bit more. As everyone knows the most important part of MBBS is clinical exposure which one should have an immense experience of .In abroad as well as in India student is supplied with enough cases . Next is Modern labs and equipment for treatments which is a key point in which foreign university are ahead of India.

Should I do an MBBS in abroad in terms of Hostel/Food?

This is also the next important factor which one should keep in mind because it is not about a day or two but for entire five years or more. Mostly university serve both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food so there is never as such problem for Indian students. Some colleges provide personal kitchen as well if a student want to cook for himself or herself. Accommodation should be neat and clean  and every college do provide an on campus hostel facility with full security.

Should I do an MBBS in abroad in terms of Language barrier or medium of education?

This also matters a lot as if the language used in the course in other than English then it turns up a problem for Indian students.There do look for this as well before going to mbbs abroad. Here is list which will help you.

Country Offical Language Medium of Instruction Need to learn Local Language
MBBS in Philippines English English No, as English is local language
MBBS in Russia Russian English & Russian Yes
MBBS in Ukraine Ukrainian English Yes
MBBS in China Mandarin English Yes
MBBS in Bangladesh Bengali English No, Hindi is spoken too.
MBBS in Kyrgyzstan Russian English Yes


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