St.John’s Medical College

st.John’s Medical College is a private medical institution in India and is counted in the list of top medical college in India. st.John’s Medical College was built in 1963 and is run by the Catholic bishop’s, conference of India. st.John’s Medical College is situated in Bangalore,India and is a part of the st.John’s National Academy of Health and Science.Currently,st.John’s Medical College is affiliated to the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Science and is one the best medical schools we have in India. st.John’s Medical College currently offers different undergraduate and postgraduate programs with limited number of seats. st.John’s Medical College has a beautiful campus and faculty and has maintained it’s website very well.Visit it’s website here. Below is given the motto of the st.John’s Medical college.

st.John’s Medical College motto

How to get into st.John’s Medical College undergraduate program ??

For undergraduate program specifically for MBBS and BDS program,Candidate need to appear in the National eligibility cum Entrance test (NEET exam) conducted every year by CBSE. Additionally, one needs to score atleast 50% in NEET exam score to become eligible to make themselves considered for further process of MBBS/BDS program.

How to get into st.John’s Medical College postgraduate program ??

For postgraduate programs in st.John’s Medical college considers the NEET pg score and Candidate must score 50% in the respective exam for further consideration of his application. The most important criteria is one should hold an MBBS degree from a university recognized by the Medical council of India.

What are the total number of seats for undergraduate program in st.John’s Medical College ??

The per year intake of the college for the undergraduate is near about to 150 including both MBBS and BDS program both.For MBBS college  has near about 60 seats and rest is for the BDS program

What are the total number of seats for postgraduate program in st.John’s Medical College ??  .

The availability of seats for the Postgraduate courses indicated here are subject to the decision of the court. The college still offers near about 90-100 seats in the postgraduate programs which include MD and MS and diploma in different categories.

What are the different  postgraduate program in st.John’s Medical College ??                                                 The different Postgraduate Degree (3 years course) are given with their name and number of seats of that particular subject mentioned in bracket:-
M.D. Anasthesia-6
M.D. Anatomy-4
M.D. Biochemistry-4
M.D. Community Health-6
M.D. Dermatology/Venerology/Leprosy-3
M.S. ENT-1
M.D. Forensic Medicine-1
M.D. General Medicine-9
M.S. General Surgery-5
M.D. Microbiology-4
M.S. Obstetrics & Gynaecology-5
M.S. Ophthalmology-3
M.S. Orthopaedics-4
M.D. Paediatrics-3
M.D. Pathology-6
M.D. Pharmacology-4
M.D. Physiology-4
M.D. Psychiatry-4
M.D. Radiology-3
M.D. PMR-2
M.D. Transfusion Medicine-1

What are the different  diploma(2 years) program in st.John’s Medical College??                                              The different diploma offered by the st.John’s Medical College are:-

Name                                                                        No.of seats

Diploma in Clinical Pathology                                                   2
Diploma in Otorhinolaryngology                                               2
Diploma in Child Health                                                            4
Diploma in Obst. & Gynaecology                                             3
Diploma in Anaesthesiology                                                     3
Diploma in Medical Radio Diagnosis                                        2   

What are the different super speciality courses in st.John’s Medical College??     

Below is the list that provides the details and number of seats available:-

DM Cardiology 1
DM Endocrinology 1
DM Neonatology 1
DM Nephrology 1
DM Neurology 2
DM Gatsroentrology 1
DM Pulmonary Medicine 1
DM Paediatric Nephrology 1
DM Critical Care Medicine 2
M.Ch. Surgical Oncology 1
M.Ch Gynaecological Oncology 1
M.Ch Plastic Surgery 2
M.Ch Paediatric Surgery 2
M.Ch Neuro Surgery 1
M.Ch Urology 1

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