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After completing Secondary Education, every medical student is faced with the choice to study abroad or to stay in India for higher studies. According to the recent updates from UHFM ( Union Health and Family Welfare ), NEET is compulsory for the aspirant to study abroad for medical courses.

Is dropping a year better than study abroad for MBBS?

Herein aspirants scoring less than 450 in NEET and are determined to become an MBBS doctor must not drop another year as in our experience the students who drop a year, are able to get the maximum increase of 50 marks. For example, maximum 350 marks can be obtained if marks of the student was around 300 in the previous try. Dropping a year means wasting 1 year and bear coaching and living expenses of 3-4 lacks. Henceforth, taking admission in MBBS to study abroad is advantageous over dropping a year. 

Which is the best country to study abroad for MBBS?

There is no best country but you can have a best-suited country for your MBBS studies. Out of widely available options, student’s first choice is China. Hence, the seats are limited there and Intake is only once a year and seats are finished till June. China has many benefits to study abroad for MBBS. LIsting some of them, excellent quality of education, great environment for studies and world class Infrastructure (10,000-bed hospital and 300 acres campus). Aspirants who can’t apply for China or miss the deadline apply for Philippines and Georgia as their second option. Philippines is a very good country to do your MBBS from. The temperature is very soothing as per Indian climate and it is very beautiful as well. Medical Universities have good infrastructure and very good teaching standards.

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