International Online Collaboration

There is a new component of online learning for students that are interested in global studies and foreign language. The integration of the internet into studies has opened doors that once cost a decent amount of money, was time consuming, and required extensive travel. Today, students are able to collaborate and communicate idea via the internet. This means that they are able to gain the same type of quality educationany time of day, and students are not limited to travel in order to have a fulfilling experience with their education. For many students this also means that there is constant communication from other individuals around the world, and this communication is not just valuable, it creates life long friendships.

Many students are interested in this type of collaboration because they are able to instantly have a platform for communication, which means that learning, and research results are concluded much faster than if a student had to travel, or wait for mail correspondence. This creates a unique situation that until approximately a decade ago, would have been thought impossible. This high speed communication is now enabling students to learn an expanded array of informational sets, and therefore can master certain areas of study in a relatively short amount of time. For colleges and educators, this means that curriculum can be enhanced, and since educators also collaborate with others abroad, the information can remain accurate. This is a vital aspect for education, as technology grows, details about certain topics have to include new points of interest in order to remain on the cutting edge. This also helps students master the most up to date information possible as the quick response allows students to incorporate new facets in the blink of an eye without altering their original course of study. This saves time and money, and does not take anymore effort than going online. The internet has truly change the face of education, how we learn, and how fast we can include new data and statistics for the most accurate mastery possible.

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