Things you didn’t know about MBBS abroad

Things you didn’t know about MBBS abroad.
There are some specific things for all countries which are extremely important and one should know about before applying in MBBS abroad:
China : Though the course is of 6 years but they allow the 6th year internship to be done in India so cost is for 5 years only
Philippines : The course is divided into 2 parts. BS course of 1 or 1.5 years duration followed by NMAT exam and then  4 years of further course
Russia : Last 3 years education and exams are in Russian and student need to learn Russian in first 3 years
Poland : There is an enterence test for Poland which the student has to sit for before leaving his country.
Though in most of universities in 10 countries, 50% is good enough, China has got institutes with higher requirementsand it is the only country with Limited seats for international MBBS students.
Most of the universities are govt except Georgia and Philipines where they are private.

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