Top Universities in USA

It is well known that USA is the home for top universities in the world. But how one can decide which are the perfect top universities in USA which suits their budgets. There are lots of websites which can easily provide you with the fees of the top universities in USA. But it is quite difficult for someone to trust any website.

Is there any way to find top universities in USA?

Yes, there are lots of ways by which one can find for top universities in USA. But it is not as simple as one think. Choosing a top University in USA is not only going through some of the websites and make a comparison between them, it is far more than that. You have to be clear that on which criteria they are ranking the top universities in USA. Like if you search for Top Universities in USA some of the websites show MIT on the top, some show Harvard University, some shows Standford University some shows completely different from them. If you are clear with criteria you need to consult with at least one of the consultant or anyone you know in that university. Like we here used to provide consultancy to all those students who are keen to take admission for MBBS in abroad. In short what you exactly have to do is that you need to completely researched for that university for which you are interested. Below are the few links you can go for better understanding but one also needs to be well researched from their side also:

The University of Cape Town is open about its admission standards: Admission cutoffs are listed by race in the university’s prospectus. The university’s vice chancellor says the policy reflects the fact that black students in South Africa are still highly disadvantaged.

Below are some links to rankings of Top Universities in USA:

What are the genuine criteria to rank a university/college?

Different websites have different criteria to rank different university some are biased or some are not. Some of the criteria are to concentrate upon the academics, number of published research papers, placements etc. Lots of colleges which are very good when checked for fields, departments etc. but they never got top ranked. Because they only focus on their fields rather than anything else.

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