University of Traditional Medicine

The University of Traditional Medicine was established in 1991. The University of Traditional Medicine is one of the modern and also heading educational foundations in the region. For the past 26 years, the university management and also the educators consistently have strived to achieve the educational process in accordance with international standards. Staff chiefly consists of qualified scientists, professors and doctors, whose work has a great reputation and holds a decent place in the operation of higher education.

University of Traditional Medicine


The university is accredited by the Ministry of Education and also Science in 2001.

(License N0002, State accreditation N 129)

Faculties of University of Traditional Medicine

  • General medicine
  • Dentistry

How is the Admission procedures for the University of Traditional Medicine?

The educational process for foreign students is either in Armenian or in addition to other foreign languages (English, Russian).

Foreigners having at least a document (diploma, certificate) certifying the completion of secondary level education can apply for the UTM.

  • The admission of the foreign candidates to the University of Traditional Medicine is brought out markedly after document examination, information verification, consular ratification, as well as after the registration, based on the referral letters of the Ministry of Education and Science, RA and the order of UTM’s rector.

What are the documents required?


  1. Application to the Minister of Education and also Science, RA
  2. Markedly Application report provided by the Ministry
  3. Chiefly Medical certificate of health.
  4. This certificate may also be assigned by the medical associations of RA
  5. Copies of each page of passport and also birth certificate and/or / christening certificate
  6. Copy of the closing document of education degree
  7. Chiefly 4 photos (3×4 cm)
  8. CV (Armenian, Russian or in addition to English)

What is the highlight of the University of Traditional Medicine?

key points of the University of Traditional Medicine for students:

  • Participation in conferences,
  • presentation of reports,
  • Scientific publications (co-authored),
  • Participation in open discussions,
  • scientific events,
  • seminars,
  • Participation in professors’ researchers,
  • Participation in conferences organized by various medical institutions,
  • Organizing “First Steps” workshop for new students.
  • Conferences,
  • presentations,
  • open discussions along with popular scientific events
University of Traditional Medicine
University of Traditional Medicine



UTM University of Traditional Medicine

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