What is Education?

What is Education?

What is Education

What is Education? Why is it important? What differentiates a human being from an animal is not the big brain. But how they use it. A beggar has the same brain as a businessman. Since a businessman’s brain is well trained, he/she has a better living standard. This training makes all the difference. We call this training – “Education”. Education is not just getting marks in the examination It a process of overall personality development. An educated person is expected to be well dressed, well mannered, well spoken, compassionate, must have basic human values and ethics along with theoretical knowledge of one or more subject/s and some practical skills. Education is a right. Education is a privilege. Not everyone has access to it. Education should be embraced.

How to become educated?

Education starts from home. The elders of the house have the responsibility of teaching the young ones. What they teach makes a lot of difference. Early education creates habits and later character of a person. A child must be taught of human ethics and moral values even before adding and subtracting. When a child is 3-4 years old. He/She is enrolled in an educational institute. Where they are taught about Language, Science, Maths etc. till their High School. At High school, they are given a chance to choose subjects for higher studies. This decision decides their career path in most cases.

Other than this formal education. He or she must be taught of Life skills like Table manners, Dressing Sense, Socializing, Helping, Providing first aid to an injured etc. Various educational institutes conduct special programmes to teach their students all the necessary life skills.

After High School, a person has the option to go for higher studies like Graduation, Post Graduation and/or Ph.D. It is often advised to pursue higher studies as mentioned in our previous blog.

Nowadays, there are e-courses. People can opt for a course online. These courses consist of tests and study materials. A certificate is also provided after completion.

After all these steps an ordinary person becomes an educated individual. Only a society of educated people thrives. Maintaining law and order. Teaching young generation. Doing research and development. All of this and many more. Can only be done by an educated society.

Is Higher Education difficult?

People consider Ph.D.s to be too difficult to pursue. Not because of high intellectual demands. But because of the requirement of a more solid character. This is concluded in a study published in the Journal of Teaching in Higher Education. After an extensive study on 55 Ph.D. students, it was concluded that it is not required to be very intelligent to do a doctorate. One only needs to be assiduous and strategic. It depends on the will of a person. Since Ph.D. courses are not hard. They only require patience and hard work because they are the key to success.

Is Equity fair in Education?

Equality is not always fair.

Equity refers to sameness or equality. This is the basis of our education system today. But is it correct? The idea was that everyone should have equal education, equal opportunity and hence the way to test their skills should also be the same. What if some required more attention? Or if someone is not good at expressing thoughts but never taught to be good at it but was always expected to be creative. Not everyone is the same mentally. Then they are being treated the same physically. This is a serious issue. Unequal learning needs. Unequal student backgrounds. These are a few problems requiring solutions. A report was written on this issue in the teachermagazine.com. It is a must-read.

How to choose a career?

Since the end goal of education is to serve society by working. Therefore choosing a career is important. There are various career options to choose from. Depending upon the type of education. Some choose to be Engineers. Whereas some choose to be doctors or scientists etc.

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