which one is better mbbs in india or abroad

I’ll try to answer which one is better mbbs in India or abroad through my blog.But it’s a bit difficult because both have their advantages and disadvantages.For disadvantages refer to my blog here. As people do have a myth in India that abroad have a upper hand when it comes to which one is better mbbs in india or abroad. MBBS of  countries like USA,Australia and UK  is more popular over the globe but India’s MBBS is counted after them. which one is better mbbs in india or abroad ,if answered according to above stated reason, then obviously MBBS in India is not at all a bad option to choose.In MBBS ,the most important factor in deciding which one is better mbbs in India or abroad is the clinical exposure. Though back in India, we may lack in Equipment or Laboratory but clinical exposure is enough and more than sufficient. Being ranked among the top MBBS countries India should be definitely opted if top government colleges in India or top medical schools are offered.

. In India ,cracking NEET exam is next to difficult and after clearing scoring a seat in any of the top government college. In these type of cases where student not having enough score to get into any of the medical college ,for them answer to question which one is better mbbs in india or abroad??.The answer expected from them should be MBBS in abroad. But still they don’t say so. Reason being some are aware of private college which are better than ones back in India. Other have a myth that MBBS abroad is expensive and not affordable. To clear such myths a lot of resources are available or may be consultants which are working in this direction. For example one such consultants are Career Growth.

let’s try to answer few question to get better answer for the question which one is better mbbs in india or abroad:-

which one is better mbbs in india or abroad in terms of  Expense??

This question is a bit difficult to answer. Being an Indian if you’re able to score a seat in government college then there is nothing better than that. But what if you don’t. For those candidates there are other option for abroad which will cost less to them like MBBS from Georgia,MBBS from philippines or MBBS from China.But mostly all these option are left unexplored by them.Mostly students go for the diploma or BDS program or courses offered by Delhi university or any other university. Please do take sufficient Knowledge from consultants like Career Growth or teachers before dropping your plan of becoming a doctor.

which one is better mbbs in india or abroad in terms of Global experience and exposure??

The global experience and exposure that abroad countries offer to Indian students makes all the difference. Staying in your native land, you will not get the kind of exposure and experience that you must gain during your college years. Such an experience will come to you automatically when you stay in a foreign land, meet new people and overcome new and difficult situations every day of your life.

which one is better mbbs in india or abroad in terms of practicing ??

In terms of practicing ,if a student holds degree of  MBBS from abroad ,then to practice in India he/she has to appear for FMGE test conducted by Medical council of India(MCI). This also a major factor which make student to take a step back from Going abroad.There are other factors as well like work visa. A lot of country do not give work visa even if you have taken the degree from there country.

A lot of other factors are there as well which might help us in deciding which one is better mbbs in india or abroad. But the most important have been listed above and discussed. For further information regarding MBBS from abroad please contact us.

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