Who should study MBBS from Abroad?

MBBS abroad is not for everyone but If you see yourself in the below situation then you should study MBBS abroad

  1. If you are strongly determined to become a doctor, but short of funds and dont think its worth taking admission in Indian private Universities.
  2. If you have strong academic background (above 70%) but you are not able to get into NEET govt. colleges
  3. If you are confident that you can clear FMGE (MCI test)
  4. If you dont see yourself in a BDS, BPT, BSC, Veternary and other paramedical courses then you should apply for MBBS abroad.

Please notice that due to lack of govt. MBBS seats and incapability of govt. to open medical colleges, students suffer and they drop 2-3 times facing rejection and dejection. But Govt. allows foreign graduates if they are competent so why not go abroad and then give FMGE to become a successful doctor.


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